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Jun 12, 2008 08:48 AM

romantic dinner in DC - friday - reasonable

Looking for somewhere romantic (not so loud) to take my husband in DC. We both enjoy seafood, French, Asian, Lebanese, and Italian cuisines. I need to stay on a budget though ($200 or less for dinner and drinks for both of us). All suggestions are welcome . . . thanks.

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  1. I've had nice romantic meals at Equinox before with my boyfriend. The food is fresh and seasonal, while the tables are set far enough apart that you can enjoy a private conversation.

    On budget, we often go to Bistro D'Oc, a delicious classic french bistro. Try to get the little seat by the window. It's nice and cozy, plus they have a daily specials menu which they have on an easle and bring around to each table. Just a nice, affordable restaurant with great French food.

    For Italian I would consider Al Tiramisu. Low-lighting, classic Italian dishes in a cozy, romantic environment without being over the top.

    Zola is a very sexy restaurant with an adult spy theme (it's not like a theme park). Lots of dark colors and reds. The booths are especially intimate. I had my favorite tuna tartar appetizer there about a year ago.

    Finally I find the back courtyard area of Tabard Inn to be very relaxing and romantic.It's perfect for a warm summer evening. I would certainly recommend reservations and specify you want a table in the outdoor area.

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      Thanks - those all sound great. Appreciate the recommedations!

    2. I have a VTD-week dinner at Proof. Good, soft lighting. And if you dont go nuts on the pours, you can get in under $200 and SHARE a lot of fun things (emphasis on the intimacy of sharing food). Cheese plate is excellent, as are the organ meats.

        1. I had a very nice, romantic annivesary dinner at PS7's (you can request a table in the corner as well which is very nice). The food and drinks are excellent and I like the atmosphere as well. With 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, 2 desserts, a side dish, 4 drinks, and tip, it came out just under $200.

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            another good choice.

            i think the bar is very "sexy" and they have FABULOUS bartenders. I've never had a full meal there, only been at the bar, but I love that place. The decor is wonderful, and the bathrooms have mouthwash!

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              If you do end up going definitely try the gin cocktail with lavender and lime - it's excellent!

          2. I second the recommendation for Palena. I think you could do the back room at Palena for this price. What is nice is for the three course menu you can pick your courses from any category, not just one from each. And they have decent sized portions for three was plenty. It is quieter and much more romantic than the cafe section and they take reservations (unlike the Cafe).

            Another good option might be Bistro Bis, while not wildly romantic, it is warm, not too loud, the French food is really good, and I also think it would make your budget.

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