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Jun 12, 2008 08:45 AM

Good Gnocci?

I've never had it before, what's a good place to try it?

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  1. I'm still looking for great gnocchi! Some suggestions given to me by other hounds...

    1. This is my absolute favorite food!! 2 places that have great versions is Proof (probably one of the best gnocchi dishes I've ever had!) And Filomena's Pasta Mama's make a delicious fresh version as well. I believe its served with either a red sauce or a cream sauce (I personally prefer it with pesto, but anyway they serve it at Filomena is good and plentiful).

      1. In DC, Al Tiramisu and Al Crostino make my favorite example with the cherry tomato sauce. Go try now.

        1. DC or Baltimore?
          In DC, What Frank Ruta does with gnocci at Palena is etherial.

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          1. re: crackers

            I second this. Palena's gnocchi is just FAB. Also, it is the one thing always guaranteed to be on the menu. Different preparations, but always gnocchi.

            I swear, if the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach, then I am deeply, deeply, deeply in love with Frank Ruta.

            1. re: debit

              Palena hands down wins gnocchi, Filomena is ok, Palena is perfect and delightful.

          2. i agree with Elyssa, Proof has great gnocchi. i don' t think ive ever had Palena's but everything else there is good so i'm sure it is great.