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Jun 12, 2008 08:44 AM

Miami-an coming to NY!

Hello New York!!!! I will be traveling with my hubbie to NYC this July, and I am starting to feel the excitement! I would love if you guys would give me places to go to, as you know Miami is a hot scene when it comes to dining and drinking...sooo...Since I have always said NY is much better, please help me prove it! What are the chic and trendy places to go to for dinner, and for loungy drinks? I’ll be staying Thursday to Sunday so I have time! Go all out: tell me about breakfasts, lunches, dinners, night outs! Help! And BTW I will be staying at the Regency Hotel in Park Ave (61st and 62nd) Thanks!!!!

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    1. Most of the "chic and trendy" places are downtown, though others may have ideas in the area where you are staying. My recs for chic and/or trendy with great food would be Bar Blanc, Allen and Delancey, Perilla, Degustation. I really love Perry St. for lunch, though I don't think it quite qualifies as trendy, but it does have a very contemporary European atmosphere, and it is a great bargain for the quality of food and service ($24 for 3 courses).

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        Thanks rrems! Actually i love the local mom and pop type places as well, as long as they are good! In fact i love institutions versus new and hip no good places... ;)

      2. You should take advantage of NY's amazing and diverse cuisines, stellar winelists, and premier service...things that are hard to find in Miami. Trendy bars with mediocre, overpriced food is more than plentiful on South Beach. There's no need to go to NYC for that (see Bruni's recent Ago review, dime a dozen on South Beach).

        For the greatest hits, I would recommend:

        -Sushi Yasuda in front of Yasuda at the bar: literally an education in traditional sushi. Nothing like Shoji or Samba and that's a good thing.

        -Babbo: It's been hot since the day it's opened. Amazing italian (focus on the pasta and antipasta) and a wonderful, expansive, reasonably priced winelist.

        -High end. Jean-George, Daniel, EMP, Degustation. It'll cost you the same as any of the trendy places on South Beach but the food and service will blow you away.

        -Hot and trendy for the food and chic in its own way: Momofuku Ssam Bar and Momofuku Ko

        -Peter Luger. Porterhouse steak and bacon and cheesecake mit schlag.

        Then there's the countless low end recs like pizza (personal preference for Lombardi's), bagels (Ess-a-Bagel and even H&H), pastrami (Katz's), Joe's Shanghai soup dumplings (not traditional but damn tasty), K-town after a hard night out...

        Here's a great thread:

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          That is the perfect post porthos +1.

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              As always, Porthos' recs are spot-on, but one note - Degustation is way less expensive than Jean-George, Daniel, and EMP - it's a really interesting hybrid of ambitious (and delicious) food in a stylish and intimate but relaxed setting (bar seating around an open kitchen).

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                Wow Porthos great list, thank you I def will hit some of these and report back. BTW I am a gluten free chic :( so i go towards the meats and fish, japanese and tapas type places. I used to LOVE italian, but Maggiano's seems to be the only one to give me a GF menu for italian love hehe. HUGE fan of wine, both my hubbie and I even studied wine, so loooove wine lounges, or even those little choose your wine type places where they provide it at cost and some apps...

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                  If you're g-f, you NEED to go to Risotteria on Bleecker & Morgan. Full GF Italian menu featuring pizza, beer, pasta, panini, risotto, and a full range of really tasty desserts. It's usually packed but worth the wait. My mother and I are both celiac and she nearly started crying the first time I took her there.

                  Another excellent g-f option is Peter's Gourmet Diner on 84th and 1st on the UES. They serve a full diner menu with most of the items having a GF option. I'm talking pancakes, melts, beer, you name it. There's also a GF chinese place in the same area called Gourmet Land. None of these places are really trendy, however.

                  For chic/upscale Thai, try Kittichai. If you let them know ahead of time they will notify your server who will be able to let you know exactly what you can and cannot have (most of the menu is fine). Most of the nicer places take food allergies very seriously and will do their best to accommodate you. Any of the Batali restaurants will serve GF pasta at your request and will also be able to tell you what you can and cannot have on the menu. Quality Meats and Craftsteak are both very accommodating to food allergies and have an upscale vibe.

                  Let me know if you want more info on GF dining up here (or just search the board).

                  270 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014

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                    WOW rdc yoo just m,ade my day!

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                  Porthos you hit the right key with Degustation!!!! My type of place, this one is on my MUST GO list! Love the concept...ill keep searching for online pics and sites of the others you mentioned!

                3. Chic and trendy for dinner:
                  Buddakan, Freeman's, The Stanton Social, Thor, Barrio Chino, Gilt, Mercer Kitchen, Lure Fishbar, Kittichai

                  Loungey drinks:
                  Ava Lounge, 230 Fifth, Thom Bar, Plunge, APT, Cibar, The Church Lounge (at the Tribeca Grand Hotel), Wetbar (at the W), Bowery Hotel bar


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                    LeahBaila, LOVE the places you have recommended, you back up the food? The restaurants look so cool inside, and the prices are very good! I like it!

                    1. re: SarahOM

                      Thanks, Sarah! My favorites for the entire meals are: Buddakan, Thor, Barrio Chino. My favorites for cocktails & small plates: Freeman's, The Stanton Social, Gilt, Mercer Kitch and Lure

                      All have trendy, unique atmospheres

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                        Thank you LeahBaila and all, I will def report back once I am is still a bit away from now, but once I come back i will write my experiences. Any other recs please keep posting them!!!!

                  2. Hey all, thanks for the replies. Im almost there!!! Quick Q: Opinions on PRUNE?