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broward performing arts

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seeing jesus christ superstar sunday. any good food spots in the area. local winner not tourist trap please

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  1. Johnny V's on Las Olas.
    if you want to be within walking distance try Himmarshee Bar and Grill

    1. Also in walking distance is Creolina's for good Cajun-Creole food. We went there before Spamalot last fall and had a very good meal. Find their menu here - http://snipurl.com/creolinas

      209 SW 2nd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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        I understand Creolina's has closed. We usually go to Himmarshee before a show because they always are very cooperative when they know you have a time consideration. Oh, and the food is good, too!

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          unfortunatly Creolina's has been closed and the River House no longer serves an ala carte menu

        2. Himmarshee's website:


          1. If you want something simple like a good steak, check out the RIver House. Its is like 500 feet from the theater, you can park your car with valet and leave it though the show (only like 6 bucks). Really pretty setting on the river with outside and big windows. Super romantic.

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              Just a note, they are closed at the river house downtown ft. lauderdale.