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Jun 12, 2008 08:15 AM

List of places to take me to to give to my husband

SOmetimes, I want HIM to plan a fun and nice meal out. Every single time, he wants to go to Rahel or Woodlands

Don't get me wrong, I love these places, but now and again, I'd like to be surprised with something different.

I love all sort of food, (can't eat thai or vietnamese for fear of nut contamination!) like to eat any meal out, and can go for any price range. I really really hate crappy service. I'm not scared of holes i the wall or exotic stuff, as long as there are no nuts or peanuts! Tripe? Sure! Tongue? Why not! Feet? OK! The only thing I don't think I'd eat is eyeball. Oh, and oysters. Those guys are in league with the nuts.

So, gang, if you were Diana's hubby, where would you go. Let's make it easier, lets set some categories, and two or three places to go for each, do one category, or all, or some, however many you feel like filling out.:

Diner Breakfast:

Nice Buffet Breakfast:

Road Trip Lunch (within an hour of SFV or so)

Romantic, upscale dinner (I've been to PRovidence and Spago):

BEst Italian:

Wine themed:


Fun for all:

Hamburger besides FO-big, juicy, interesting toppings:

Seafood Bonanza:


Milk Shake:

Apple Pie (NOT Apple pan, please, and no nuts!):

French (could include fancy or creperies or whatever):

Crazy weird:


Tea, anyone?:

INdian Snacks and Lunchy things:

Eagle Rock (I want to live there):

The Hubby's in trouble and needs to fix it, fast!:

Take the dog:

again, a suggeston in one, a few, or whatever is so highly appreciated. He's just needing a little help thinking of CHowish and new places. I will be forever thankful!

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  1. For any of the following categories ...

    Road Trip Lunch (within an hour of SFV or so)
    Romantic, upscale dinner (I've been to PRovidence and Spago):
    Wine themed:
    Fun for all:
    French (could include fancy or creperies or whatever):
    The Hubby's in trouble and needs to fix it, fast!:

    If my SO was in trouble and wanted to make up with me, I would probably demand dinner or at least a weekend brunch at the Ranch House in Ojai.

    Foodwise it may not be on par with the major LA foodie meccas, but you will be guaranteed a very pleasant meal in a gorgeous outdoor setting. RSVPs are a must, esp. on weekends, since they are often closed for private events in the summer.

    Ranch House
    500 W Lomita Ave, Ojai, CA 93023

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    1. re: maxzook

      looksa nice! I like Ojai, too. how is it compared to Aubergine (sp)?

      1. re: Diana

        I think you must be referring to L'Auberge (the nearest Aubergine I could find on Google is in Balboa). To tell the truth, Ranch House is the only fancy restaurant I've ever been to in Ojai.

        Reading the Irene Virbila LA Times review of L'Auberge, I can see similarities. I suspect L'Auberge has a more au courant menu ... Ranch House is the kind of place that features menu items that haven't changed in thirty years (cf two of my faves, wild mushroom strudel and the "New Orleans delight" dessert). The price range seems to be about the same.

        The photo of the outdoor deck at L'Auberge reminds me of the Ranch House gestalt. Almost all the seating at Ranch House is outdoors, and several of the prime tables are semi-secluded in the walking garden.

        One last note: If you've never been to Ranch House, bring a map or a GPS. It's not so much that it's hard to find as that it's in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and I always feel like I've taken a wromg turn just as I'm about to get there ...

        Times review of L'Auberge:

    2. I think you've mentioned that you haven't been to Musha (fun for all category?), Pann's and Dinah's (diner breakfasts), 3 Square (get the pastry basket at brunch with homemade raspberry jam and plugra butter and it fits in your bakery category), Jin Patisserie (girly, tea).

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      1. I suggest you do what I do...everytime I run across a place that piques my interest here on the board, I write it down in my planner (Palm, iphone, hello kitty, whatever you have) with the general location and then when P. gives me that blank stare, I just pull out the 'list'.


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        1. re: Dommy

          haha "that blank stare" must come equiped in all partner software. I do the same thing, but also use back-up bookmarks online and dogeared zagat guide in the car.

          Diana Have you tried Cafe 50's? Not the world's best food maybe, but a fun diner breakfast, and yummy milkshakes.

          1. re: ElissaInPlaya

            Well that stare comes from knowing Subway won't do in this situation though that is what I feel like at the moment.

            Take Care

            - P.

          2. re: Dommy

            I use outlook contact to keep track of to-try places.Or you can build a google map of lists of places to try and share the link with hubbie.

            For suggestions - Craft for upscale, Original Tops at Pasadena for a good burger. Have you try any of the asian bakeries like JJ's? On my list to try for french/breakfast food is the newly opened Anisette at Santa Monica. Maybe combine a Farmer's Market visit with that.

            For out of town chow, we head up to either Santa Barbara or SF/Napa.

            1. re: notmartha

              My Husband's Family lives in SB. When we go up, I end up at the Brewhouse, since he is a beer geek. That, or any of the beer spots. I'm lucky if I get to the shellfish co. It's depressing-so many places up there I want to go, but their combined power shouts me down. Momma stand behind her boy, as does Pop, Sis and so on.

          3. Diner Breakfast:

            Road Trip Lunch (within an hour of SFV or so):
            Sushi Gen in Little Tokyo
            H&C Seafood in Oxnard [can also take the dog]
            Malibu Seafood
            Din Tai Fung for soup dumplings in Arcadia
            A number of places in Monterey Park

            BEst Italian:
            Pizzaria Mozza
            Osteria Mozza

            Wine themed:
            Max or Saddlepeak Lodge?


            Fun for all:

            Seafood Bonanza:
            H & C Seafood
            Malibu Seafood


            The Hubby's in trouble and needs to fix it, fast!:
            Ruth Chris (if you are into steaks)
            Go's Mart

            Take the dog:
            See above

            1. Diner Breakfast: Not really a diner, but NY Bagel on San Vicente in Brentwood (and they allow dogs on the patio!)

              Nice Breakfast Buffets: For Sunday brunch, the best I've had are Ritz Carlton Marina Del Rey and Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena.

              Road Trip Lunch: I know it's not LA (so this post may be deleted), but La Super Rica in Santa Barbara. If you can go a little further, Cold Springs Tavern in Santa Ynez has outdoor BBQ tri tip on either Saturdays or Sundays (but you can't bring your dog)-- then stop in Solvang to visit a bakery. Also, if you want an early road trip dinner, Hitching Post in Buellton.

              Wine themed: AOC, Valentino

              Burgers: I think the best one is Houston's--worth the drive from the valley IMHO.

              Seafood: King's Fish House in Calabasas, Ocean Ave. Seafood in Santa Monica, Water Grill downtown.

              French: Melisse, Mimosa

              Bring your dog: 3 Square Cafe in Venice, and as posted above, NY Bagel in Brentwood. I love to take my dog to NY Bagel and then take San Vicente to the end, park anywhere on what I think is Ocean Ave., and walk along the grass.