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Jun 12, 2008 08:15 AM

Moulton's Seafood, Medford - it merits a thread of its own

Finally tried this place after reading so many positive mentions of it embedded in other related threads - wow - why did we wait so long? - and why can't I find a thread dedicated to it?

The service and seafood quality here is amazing - and the prices are fair to bargains.

The mussels in wine and garlic butter we started with were big fresh mussels properly steamed open without any grit and what's more tasty that this simple preparation? The green salad was romaine, sweet onion, and roma tomatoes - all fresh, dry, and tasty with zinfandel viniagrette.

My grilled swordfish was large, fresh and perfectly-cooked. The haddock broiled with breadcrumbs was equally great. The mixed vegetable side was lame - seemed like a microwave bag from the grocery store with no seasoning, though not overcooked. The baked potato was - well, a baked potato...

The cheesecake for dessert fine for what it was - plain vanilla and very dense (non-NY style).

The bar was crowded at 7:30p last night but there was plenty of space in the dining room and server David was really pleasant, helpful, and responsive.

The total tab for food, a beer, and two glasses of wine was $60 before tip. We will be back often - didn't even try the fried part of the menu.

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  1. I'm pretty sure that it does have it's own threads as that's how I found it. I would recommend the fried side. The whole clams were very good at lunch one day. Not quite a day on Cape Ann, but a little cheaper and a lot less gas.

    1. Moultons has had plenty of it's own threads and have been mentioned many times over in the Medford/Malden threads...

      I am so happy you enjoyed your meals. Yes the mixed veggies are not the best (yes are frozen!) and the baked potatoe is just that a simple baked...

      You are right when you say the portion sizes and freshness is the best. Bob goes to the fish market himself and gets only the freshest fish. It is all prepared to order and that is why it can take so long to get your meal at times-but well worth the wait.

      David is the owners son and is a great kid. He has really done a great job as their server, up until just recently he was the ONLY server for a long time.

      I encourage you to try the fried fare as well as the broiled/baked foods. The fried clams are awesome. I usually get them as an appetizer and then get the broiled scallops or broiled scrod (haddock) for my main meal... His chowders are great also.

      It is truly a family operation- Bob in kitchen cooking (their older son cooks also), Helyn the mom on the register and phone orders and David waiting tables...

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      1. re: MeffaBabe

        I found Moulton's due to Meffababe's great posts. I am a fan too.

      2. Well, my SO LOVED his meal when we went there. I ordered broiled scallops...they were ice cold in the middle. I was so disappointed. They took them back and reheated them, which of course then had them overcooked. I am in no rush to head back there.

        1. Thanks to this thread two friends and I had a very nice meal at Moulton's tonight. I have to repeat everything that has been said here: the food and service was excellent and it was bargain-priced. The mussels in garlic sauce (large appetizer for $10.99)looked great and my salad of young romaine, tomatoes, cukes and sweet onions with what tasted like homemade blue cheese dressing was delicous. Swordfish came in very large portions, perfectly and simply grilled ($12.99). The grilled shrimp ($13.99) looked good too. The onion rings, of the skinny-with-tempura-type-batter variety, were delicious too. There is a small but very respectable beer and wine list. The dining room was hopping when we got there a bit before 7 but nearly empty when we left, although there was a fair amount of activity at the bar by then. What a find this is! Thanks, 'hounds!

          1. The fried shrimp dinner is amazing- freshest shrimp i can remember getting at a restaurant, and i didn't have the yucky feeling that i usually get after eating fried food- i will definitely be back. (everyone i was with agreed that the seafood dishes were amazing, but some of the sides like the frozen veggies were soso...stick with onion rings!)