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KrEATion on Montana

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Some may recall the little European cafe that was in this spot. Not sure if it the same owners with a new concept or new owners, but in any event, I've seen this place while walking up the street and it looked pretty good. The draw is that everything (or pretty close to everything) is organic/free range.

My husband and I went last night for dinner. They don't have wine, but they don't charge for corkage. The liquer store across the street, The Duck Blind has a pretty nice selection, and they'll bring it to you. So, we settled in with a nice bottle of Far Niente and began to enjoy the cold tapas appetizer. For $18, a huge plate with hummos, baba ganoush, bruchetta, black beans, tabouleh and something else arrives with a basket of soft pita/flatbread (it was a cross between the two) Everything was really good, but the tabouleh was a bit gummy.

They have a variety of plates, which come with some sort of protein and a side salad with roasted pototoes. My husband had short ribs, which were quite adequate, although nothing earth shattering. I had a salad with beef kabobs, which was really good. The salads were pretty hefty, which I liked. Fennel, and a variety of vegetables were all under a very light and tasty dressing.

We were pretty full by then, so we skipped dessert. The total was about $70. We sat on the back patio, which was really airy with plants in between the wood panels on the walls. I would definitely go back for a nice summer dinner.

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  1. breakfast and lunch are better there than dinner, which I find expensive for the product. None of their appetizers are all that delicious (like the hummus) but it is all fresh and their beef kabob is a lot better than just about anyone's; they use Niman ranch beef.

    I prefer it over whatever else comes to mind on Montana.