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Jun 12, 2008 06:50 AM

Romantic beach vacation spots for a foodie couple

My wife and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in August, and are looking to stay somewhere on the beach. We live in the midwest, so we're pretty much equidistant from most beach destinations.

What we're looking for is a romantic getaway and enjoy the company of each other. What I'm getting at is that, within reason, I don't want to go somewhere that's crowded with people.

Also, and most importantly, we want to go somewhere that has great restaurants within a reasonable distance from the oceanfront hotel.

In the past, we've stayed in Corpus Christi, Myrtle Beach, and Ocean City, and each had their advantages and disadvantages. Corpus Christi has a wonderful seafood restaurant called Water Street Seafood Company, and Myrtle Beach has the House of Blues (which serves up a pretty tasty helping of Shrimp and Grits) and Phillips Seafood Market, where we went on $1 crab night, which was an absolute blast. Ocean City has Phillips Crab House, and some tasty boardwalk food (fries in a paper cone, dipped in malt vinegar anyone?), but lodging can be prohibitively expensive.

I'm up for any suggestions, as I'm sure a few people on here live in their favorite city by the ocean, and without a doubt, you guys know where to eat!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. here's a spot i don't think most folks don't think of with beaches that is romantic with some good restaurants;bar harbor,maine.acadia national park is the only national park with mountains and beaches.we were there in july a couple of years ago and it was beautiful.i can't recall the b & b we stayed at but it also had a 5 star restaurant on the premises and it was superb.i'll try to find the info and post it.their chef worked there in the summers and for donald trump the rest of the year.

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      My wife and I go to Bar Harbor for vacation every summer, excellent suggestion.

      1. search online for B&B's. (bed and breakfasts) ... theres a whole directory out there. ... you search by area. its cute, and i've stayed at a couple out there that are really nice.

        and by out there, i meant, on the ocean near savannah. i didn't put that in to begin with. haha

        1. Central coast of California.

          Carmel, Monterey, and Santa Barbara are all excellent foodie spots situated along some of the most scenic beaches of the Pacific.

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            I second this--California is August is prime produce time and, even with little prep, you'll get great food. Pack warmly, though. And, don't forget Salinas which isn't as touristy. Good places to eat there, too.

          2. Bar Harbor area is my first pick. If I could, I'd spend every summer there, no better combination of food, climate & beauty IMO.

            Mendicino, CA. is very nice too. Beautiful coastline, nice climate, and I have had many excellent high and low budget meals. The water is too cold for swimming for me though, but then that remains the same for me in Bar Harbor.

            The places with out crowds will be the beaches where summer is the off season, mainly Southern & the Islands. If you don't mind heat you can find nice deals, quiet, beaches and depending on the place, great food too.

            Happy Anniversary!

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              except the winters.aside from that,i'd consider retiring to bar harbor.