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Jun 12, 2008 06:43 AM

Ice Cream in southern CT?

There's a dairy farm in Oxford, CT, called Rich's that has fresh, delicious ice cream - in a casual setting - the exact opposite of a Cold Stone Creamery.
I'm looking to find out whether there are any places like that in Fairfield County? We live in Norwalk and would definitely be willing to go for a bit of a any exist?
Thanks in advance...

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  1. The best ice cream up here is at Ferris Acres Creamery on 302 in Newtown. It is also on a dairy farm! I wouldn't plan on eating much before you go because the portions are very generous and they have so many good flavors, you will probably want to try more than one...

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      I've driven past here ~ and have wondered ~ I will have to try it!

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        I second the recommendation (from the link above) for Wells Hollow in Shelton. Great ice cream and fun setting, especially for the kids.

      2. This place in Oxford is outstanding.

        Inthe Norwalk area jfood used to visit the following:

        Scoops in Wilton
        Mr Shanes in Ridgefield

        He tried to go to Scoops after a movie a couple of weeks ago but it was closed, so he does not know the status.

        But since he has fallen in love with the Gellato at Gellatisimo in New Canaan, that is the only place he goes to now.

        1. Timothy's in Black Rock - get the oreo and have reeses cup mixed in - been a family fave for as long as I can remember.