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German in NoVA?

I am looking for a restaurant with German food in Virginia for a Father's Day meal. We have been to Old Europe and Cafe Berlin, but would like to find something closer to home. I was considering Bistro Europa, but have read mixed reviews. Any suggestions?

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  1. http://thelamplighterrestaurantva.com... has some schnitzels and many of my friends have enjoyed it. It is in Ffx City

    1. Not in VA, but close by in WV, and a nice ride.

      Bavarian Inn in Shepherstown WV

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        Two that are a little closer and well worth the drive becuase of their authenticity and ambience:
        Stadt Kaffee in Front Royal, VA
        Schmankerl Stube in Hagerstown, MD

      2. Euro Bistro in Herndon is "Pan-European", but in my mind focuses most on German. I really like the German menu.

        Where is Bistro Europa?

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          euro bistro in Hernon is the best we've found in this area- does it compare to Bavaria? naah, but it's a great little place with excellent spaetzle and jaegerschnitzel.

        2. Do not go to Bistro Europa in Old Town. I had an awful night there where we paid a lot of money for inedible food. The calamari you could tell was frozen and was still cold. I had a dish with an orange sauce that tasted so bad, I tried so hard to eat it, but it was truly awful, and bf couldn't eat his either. We finally looked at each other and just decided to give up and after paying all that money stopped at five guys on the way home. It really ruined what was supposed to be a nice evening.

          1. cafe tirolo in arlington has a few german dishes. its pretty great.

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              L'Auberge Chez Francois is Alsatian. They have this on the menu:

              La choucroute royale garnie à l'Alsacienne, cuite au Crémant d'Alsace
              - an Alsatian feast - medley of sausages, goose, duck, foie gras, pork
              on sauerkraut cooked in Crémant d'Alsace

              Oh yeah, chances are you won't be able to get a table there for father's day.

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                Choucroute Garnie is something I usually make about once a year. But if I can get a good one at L'Auberge, then I'm there. Does L'Auberge have it on the menu during the summer?

            2. Stop by here, make a picnic basket of German food and beer, and head out to your favorite park. Always better than going to an overbooked restaurants on major holidays (if Father's Day isn't one, it SHOULD be).


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                It isn't for Fathers Day, but the German Gourmet has a really nice carryout special on Brat sandwiches for lunch for $5.15 for the sandwich and $5.85 for a plate with two small sides. Red cabbage and a potato salad were rather nice and the Brat was really pretty good as well. Not the best I have had, but better than Heidelbergs Saturday special in Arlington (also on Lee Hwy).
                The time this special is available isn't something I remember, I got mine at 2 last week, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't all day. Takes a good while to get the sandwich, but worth the wait if you can find a place nearby to sit down.

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                  That's a great idea! But make sure German Gourmet is open on Sunday. I don't think it is. It's traditional -- German businesses generally are closed on Sundays (e.g. German car dealerships).

                2. Thank you to everyone for all the great suggestions! We went to Euro Bistro for dinner tonight and it was great! I'm not big on German, but had a wonderful salmon dish and my husband enjoyed his plate of wursts and meats! I will note the other recommendations for future reference. Thank you again.

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                    They also seem to have a somewhat revolving choice of German beers on tap, which is also nice to add to the meal.

                  2. Another not-nearby one is Zum Rheingarten in Stafford, VA (near Quantico). As I recall it has an atmosphere like you're eating in someone's home... It's been YEARS since I've been there, though, and I've only been once or twice, so I'm not sure how chow-worthy it is. :)