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Jun 12, 2008 06:24 AM

Houston Puerto Rican

I saw Neverfull was asking for other Puerta Rican places on Chron and thought I would let you in on Tex Chick on Fairview in Montrose if you have not already heard. It is a tiny place where food is cooked on hot plates really. Very good Puerta Rican food and the best onion rings around. I have not been in forever, hopefully it is still great. Odd hours also, I think they close at 6-7pm?

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  1. thanks jscarbor for the rec. it's really close to my house, so i hope to check it out soon. right now i'm mofongo-ed out.

    i tried PM-ing you on eG, but it bounced back. is your email address not up to date?

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      What did those attending the Top Chef dinner think of Isla Coqui?

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        visually on the interior it's fun and bright. the people are nice. the cocktails like mojito and pina colada were sweet and cooling. however i would not go back for the food - overall it was average (octopus chewy, beans and rice underseasoned, fish overfried). A few bright spots though, as the cheese plantain, fish plantain fritter things (don't remember name) were tasty. i also got the impression that the large amounts of garlic used in the dishes were coming from a jar.