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Jun 12, 2008 05:32 AM

Artie's Big Bronx Burger Deluxe...

I have not actually seen actor Vincent 'big pussy' Pastore eat one, although he does frequent the place...Artie's Steak & Seafood on City Island in the Bronx...but it is a 'whopper'! Almost one pound on the plate, I was told by the cook, nestling in its roll, juicy and served 'deluxe' style with lettuce, tomatoes and house made fries...(choice of toppings, of course). Saw two guests finish one each the other night, although they said it would probably be impossible...Has anyone tried?
Where are the other great burgers of the Bronx?

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  1. I've never had the burger at Arties, but I know Coals on Eastchester Road which makes delicious grilled pizza makes a great burger. Other than that I haven't had one that makes me say wow and I've lived in the Bronx all my life. Beware, however, that the coals burger isn't available for lunch...only after 5 pm.