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Jun 11, 2008 10:19 PM

Best Italian in Little Italy?

Taking out of towners to dinner and they want to go to Little Italy, most likely Mulberry Street. I dont often dine there (not into the tourist scene) but looking for an authentic place not that expensive. Ive been to Da Nico a few times and liked it but looking to try somewhere else. Anyone been to Il Palazzo or Benito I or II? Thanks.

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  1. If your guests really want to visit little Italy, why not go there for dessert and coffee (some place like Ferrara Cafe) and dine somewhere else - that's what I've done in the past with friends and it's worked out really well.

    1. Benito II is our choice for Little Italy. We hardly ever look at the menu - just usually order the same things to share over and over...

      ...mixed green salad (incredibly vinegary dressing)
      ...stuffed artichoke (sometimes overcooked to perfection, each leaf sliding out like buttah, sometimes a little undercooked and hard to deal with - ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances)
      ...spedini alla Romano (cubes of layered bread and mozzarella, breaded and deep-fried, lightish sauce and capers)
      ...fried red peppers (actually sauteed in olive oil, not fried, with lots o'garlic) We often take home the leftovers or even get an extra order specifically to take home - with a sauteed onion, it makes a base for a mean frittata!)
      ...linguine marinara and/or linguine garlic and oil
      ...once in a while they have lobster fra diavolo, which we have over a bed of linguine. If you call ahead, they can be sure to have it for you
      ...veal piccata - or pretty much any of the veal dishes - they do one with mushrooms and a brown sauce that's pretty tasty
      ...carafes of the house red and/or white wine

      Not to say that other items on the menu aren't good - we're just usually in the mood for a few appetizers and the pasta.

      I wouldn't order coffee and dessert here. Go around the corner to Ferrara's in one direction or to the bakery (can't remember the name) on the SE corner of Mulberry and Broome.