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Jun 11, 2008 09:13 PM

good old time cantonese

nostalgia food for my 90 year old mom...any recommendations for current restaurants with good old time cantonese cuisine??? pressed duck, sweet and sour pork, hom yu, fat noodle chow mein, pea chow yu????

used to go to far east in little tokyo many many years ago but the current replacement, chop suey, is horrible and very disappointing at best. also went to a place in east l.a. not so hot either... any suggestions??? thanks in advance

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  1. Did you go to the place on Ceaser Chavez near Soto?

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      New Formosa Cafe an offshoot of Far East Cafe by Dewey the son. Unfortunately a poster said he's recuperating from an illness and I don't think they're open right now. They're only open for lunch(till 7 on Saturday) and closed Sunday & Monday.

      Dewey's wife Betty told me before the new Chop Suey Cafe (former Far East Cafe) came to their place eating the food and trying to get the old Far East Cafe recipes from them, but they wouldn't give them up. That's one reason why it isn't the same.

      Formosa Cafe in West Hollywood is also another offspring of the Far East Cafe with original family owners, so the food might be similar.

    2. Try Hunan Taste, Olympic and Fairfax

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        Does Hunan Taste serve Cantonese cuisine? Hunan is very different than Canton (Guangdong)...

        1. re: J.L.

          It's definitely "old-style American-Chinese" at Hunan Taste, Hunan notwithstanding. You can usually safely disregard any regional moniker for Chinese restaurants west of the 101... they may say "Szechwan Garden" or "Hunan Taste" but they're all brown-glop Chinese-American places. The only exception I can think of is BBQ Unlimited #2, and that's only twenty feet west of the freeway :)

      2. Oh, but we miss Man Fook Lo. Here's a link with an Orange County recommendation:

        1. Paul's Kitchen in Monterey Park. Also, haven't been there since I was a kid but Ho Sai Kai near USC (Western and Exposition) is still there and the Yelp reviews make it sound like they are still serving up that old-time Cantonese stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if Rosie the waitress was still there yakking it up with customers.

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            Food at PK's in MP has gone downhill the last several years. Think they're more interested in making a go of entertainment and bar biz. Last time I was there the food tasted like it had been reheated and/or just sauce poured on stuff like already pre-made like sweet and sour pork.

            PK's in downtown LA on San Pedro is way better and you can see them cooking everything to order.

            They got all those things the OP was asking about. Except a clarification on "pressed duck, " which caused a misunderstanding with a CH'r looking for the dish there and PK's serves "almond duck" not "pressed duck".

            1. re: monku

              Actually I think the food at Paul's Kitchen in MP has gotten better in recent years. That place is surreal. It's got to be the only Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood where none of the clientele are Chinese. It's old school (1950-1960's chop suey). I love the place but 1st and 2nd generation Chinese would be horrified. :-)

              1. re: JOHNO2

                Definitely going downhill at MP location. I've frequented both for many years and quit going to MP because of the lack of consistency. I mentioned it to the owner of the downtown location and he didn't seemed surprised. Someone mentioned to me recently the owner of the MP location is looking to sell.