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Jun 11, 2008 08:31 PM

Scarborough sugar cane

Where can I get sugar cane in scarborough? I work out there and drive a lot for work & would love to know where to pick some up. I know where to go in Toronto, but it's easier if I can find some in scarborough. Anyone know?

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  1. i think that chinese grocery stores carry it. i've seen it at the ones in north york.. not sure about scarborough.

    1. Anyone know exactly where? i.e. the name of a store?

      1. not sure what part of Scarborough you are going to and I do not know the name of the store (it keeps changing). But there is a chinese grocery store in a plaza on Finch just east of Kennedy. There is a large restaurant there and a medical buliding. The produce at that store is varied and usually of good quailty.

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          Thanks. Still - if anyone knows of an address or place / name of a store - let me know!

        2. Lone Tai at Kennedy and Lawrence (NW corner) carries it sometimes. Their sister stores probably have it as well, Tone Tai in the peanut plaza on don mills and one on vic park just south of sheppard on the east side. hope this helps.

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            Warden and Steeles have several types of sugarcane in stock at all times.