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Jun 11, 2008 08:26 PM

BEST restaurant in l.a

im leaving l.a soon and wont be back until january (GASP)
anyways me and my friends are going out tommorow and want to go out to the BEST restaurant in l.a
i personally love these:
im was thinking urasawa but then i thought bastide and how much i loved it..last time i went was around march though
has anyone been recently? so im basically in between providence and bastide.
help help help!

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  1. Skip Bastide. It's very mediocre as of late, since Manzke left.

    Urasawa gets my vote as best in L.A. Providence is just OK. But to me, L.A.'s strengths are most apparent in its mini-mall gems, its ethnic variety, and its fluorescent bulb-lit dives. Maybe I'm jaded, since dining out is a huge part of the business I'm in, which involves lots of dining out at a lot of high end places (yes, I've dined at each of the aformentioned establishments several times over). But on my own dime, a good bowl of nio rou mien in San Gabriel ($8.95), a East L.A. taco truck raid ($5), or a great hole-in-the-wall crepe ($6.95) is my idea of L.A. dining.

    Instead of choosing just from the "high-end" places, choose with your taste buds! This is what truly distinguishes a foodie from a Hound.

    Sorry about the rant... I'll get off my soapbox now.

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    1. re: J.L.

      thank you!
      i agree
      i personally LOVE east l.a taco stands
      but this is like a nice go out goodbye dinner so we wanted soemthing special
      im not sure about urasawa, because ive been to japan and had the best of the best of sushi there...but do you still think ill be blown away by urasawa?
      i went to sona last night and thought it was good but i liked the dessert better than the actually tasting menu which i dont think is a good sign...
      thanks so much for any advice!
      also...have you been to citrus at social? someone highly reccomended it...?

      1. re: FOODIEFOODIE

        where are you headed? (meaning what foods do you not need to be concerned about losing...)

        citrus at social is fun and food is decent to good, but certainly not of last mean status.

        i agree w/ urasawa or spago tasting menu as possibilities.

        something very unique LA experience might be Saddle Peak Lodge.

        or depending upon where you're going do an ethnic crawl... ethiopian, thai, oaxacan, sushi...

        1. re: Emme

          its not really about what types of food..because im headed to europe and french food along with tapas are my favorite and thats bascially what i'll be eating for 6 months wooohoo
          but its more about the best dining experience as a whole.
          ive been to saddle peak lodge and love it
          i've never been to urasawa, and its what i was leaning towards but my friend is not really a sushi fan
          we all LOVE french food, and anything out of the ordinary.

          i haven't been to spago for almost 4 years i think
          do you highly reccomend the tasting menu there? better than bastide and providence?
          thank youu

          1. re: FOODIEFOODIE

            spago's tasting menu consistently delivers.

            providence's tasting menu is great if you love seafood, as it's heavy there. bastide's is good, but i think push to shove i prefer providence as an overall experience, but not everyone here agrees.

            urasawa is kind of a must-try, but so not worth it if your friend doesn't like sushi (not at 275 pp + tax and tip)

            are you at all interested in Cut or the new Wolfgang's?

      2. re: J.L.

        totally agree with J.L.
        if you are going to will have plenty of michelin star restaruants. i would go with places like urasawa or maybe even take one great napa valley cab to cut for good ol american steakhouse.
        on the other hand...i may even opt for one great chinese meal in monterey park/san gabriel valley.

      3. If AOC and Providence are the best LA has, I'm moving immediately....

        1. Providence Chef Tasting Menu is really great. Have you considered Melisse?