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Jun 11, 2008 07:30 PM

Thoughts on the "new" Victory Brewing?

Victory Brewing (Downingtown) just gave itself a face lift and a bit of a menu change. I visited there last weekend and was pleasantly suprised by the nice bar. I thought the restaurant was a bit loud, since it is a converted warehouse I guess its understandable. My boyfriend and I both got personal pizzas, which were excellent. I got Spinach and Artichoke, he got a Chicken Pesto. I was curious as to what other people thought? Anything on the menu there that people love?

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  1. I love the new brewpub. It looks fantastic and now you can sample, what, 22 beers on tap?

    It's well worth the trip to try styles like their "Wild Devil" (Hop Devil fermented with bret yeast), which will never be bottled.

    All that said, I was sad to be disappointed once again with their food. My tomato soup was little more than a can of tomatoes pureed in a blender and poured into a bowl. The bbq brisket was chewy and not very smoky.

    I've somewhat enjoyed their pizzas in the past, but they've removed my favorite, the Amalfi, from the menu, so there goes that. Haven't had a chance to try the pizzas since the kitchen upgrade. I'm glad you enjoyed your pizzas since they're pretty much the mainstay of my dining options there.

    1. Have to agree on the loudness there . It was like that before the renovation too though . I was surprised they didn't do something about it . Place does look a lot nicer now though , less like a warehouse .
      The food at Victory has always been hit & miss for me . I agree that the pizzas are a pretty safe bet . The beer usually makes up for it . The only times I've been fed up with Victory is when the service has been terrible , which has happened a couple times . More then the noise , I hope they've " fixed " that problem .

      1. One thing that you can't go wrong with are the wings. In fact, it's either Tuesday or Wednesday but they have an unadvertised special of half off wings. You get a bigole plate of wings for $3.50!