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Jun 11, 2008 07:23 PM

Hidden Treasures in Shenandoah / Blue Ridge Pkwy area?

Anyone know of any great hidden treasures in the mountain area of VA / NC? Mom & pop country restaurant or haute cuisine -- style doesn't matter so much as authenticity.


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  1. I'd suggest the Shatley Springs Inn in Shatley Springs, NC for down home, country style food, and the nearby Glendale Springs Inn for more upscale fare.

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      We eat breakfast every year at Shatley Springs when we have our family reunion. My only quibbles are that they only give you fake butter (like I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, or something), and the last time we were there (last year), I don't remember if we got the pork sidemeat. In the past, you got bacon, sausage (patty), country ham, and pork sidemeat. Now I think you only get three. They crack their own eggs for the scrambled eggs, and the biscuits are decent. Not great, but decent. The more people you have the better it is---we usually have forty or fifty.
      Have never eater any other meal there.
      And thanks for the tip on the Glendale Springs Inn---will have to check it out.
      Breakfast is family-style. Do they serve a la carte? Not sure.

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        I like Shatley Springs Inn also. Lunch and dinner include fried chicken and country ham along with a table full of veggies.

        A simliar restaurant is the Daniel Boone Inn at the intersection of US 221, 321 and 421 in downtown Boone.

      2. Mrs Rowes In Staunton, VA. I first read about them in Jane and Michael Stern column, but since have seen it featured in number of places. Not fancy, more of country restaurant. We liked it!

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          I'm not a fan of Mrs Rowe's, to the extent that we'll drive over the mountain to Charlottesville to avoid Mrs. Rowe's.
          From the crowds, I expected good food.
          Instead we got bland food. DH and I started joking about our Mothers' cooking and which had the older pepper on the table. That restaurant reminded me of home cooking in a bad way.

        2. I just spent 2 days in Stanley/Luray just this week. We stayed at the White Fence Inn in Stanley and had a great time. We ate lunch at the Artesian's Cafe in Luray and loved it. For dinner we went to the Jordan Hollow Inn and had a nice meal there. However, I would avoid the Victorian Inn in Luray. They need to make their mind up, is their focus on being an upscale romantic Victorian restaurant or a bar? It seemed to me that the employee's had plenty of friends there eating & drinking. They had live music on the front porch & we were 1 of only 2 couples dining inside that night. The rest of the restaurant was empty for the 90 min. we were there. They only had 1 waitress, so service was spotty. We saw plenty of salads, steamed shrimp & crab legs coming out of the kitchen, but nothing cooked. Not one cooked dish. So don't go to the Victorian Inn.

          1. These are great, thanks. Keep them coming!

            1. a bit off the 'beaten path' in Craigsville West Va; a converted 2 story home w/ a terrific view of the valley - Greek family; very casual, but elegant; reasonable price, nice wine list. Anyone there can direct you, town is very small! Just ask for the Greek restaurant up on the hill.