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Jun 11, 2008 07:12 PM

"SHUT UP & EAT" in Toms River?

Has anyone been there?...
I think its in the K-mart shopping plaza on rt 37....

"We started the day at Shut and Up and Eat. No, really. It's a kitschy little luncheonette on Rt. 37 in Toms River, run by Anne Gauthier. Ann and the rest of the waitresses wear pajamas. I am not making this up. Ann is lively and spirited, and whenever someone walks in, she or one of the other waitresses yell hello, and you're supposed to join in!

But it's not all kitsch and a comedy act; the food is quite good - try the stuffed French toast, especially the strawberry chocolate creamed cheese French toast"

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  1. Useless Trivia: The catering company run by Billy Crystal in "This is Spinal Tap" whose servers consisted solely of mimes towards the beginning of the movie was named "Shut Up and Eat".

    1. It's on our ever-increasing list of places to try. I've heard good things about the food, and the prices were said to be reasonable.


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        John/Lisa thanx for the reply....I agree looks like a nice breakfast stop with people that CARE about their product......we can always use some more good places to eat in the Toms River, Ocean County area. I'll get there soon also.

      2. Lisa and I finally went to Shut Up and Eat yesterday for lunch. Yes, the pajama-clad waitstaff did all say Hello! to us when we came through the door. And there's plenty of pictures and chochkas all over the walls- all very kitschy. The silverware is also purposely mismatched to add to the fun.

        Lisa had the Day After Thanksgiving sandwich (turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce on white bread), and I had the Hawaii 5-0 (chicken salad on banana bread with a pineapple slice). Both sandwiches were very tasty; even the odd combination of chicken salad and banana bread worked for me...flavor-wise, anyway. Banana bread, as I found out, does not work as sandwich bread structurally. The sandwich was crumbling in my hands. So if you order one, use a fork and knife.

        The overall impression was positive. It's not fine dining by any stretch, but it doesn't need to be. Like The Pop Shop in Collingswood, it's kitschy fun with a good amount of thought going into the food. I had a partial view of the kitchen and was watching a lunch salad getting put together. I was happy to see the level of care the salad was getting. To me, there was love in the kitchen.

        We will definitely have to try Shut Up and Eat for breakfast.


        1. I actually stopped there for lunch today. Thought I would give it a try and had heard some good things about this place. I was surprised, not in a good way, of the place. I guess if you enjoy having your meal with a lot of mismatched junk around this is the place for you. To me, it was just messy, almost claustrophobic in a way. It wasn't nostalgic, like I had anticipated. The staff, although they say "hi" when you arrive and "goodbye" when you leave didn't seem very friendly or capable. Only thing I can say was that I tried it, but will not go back.

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            yes, it's cluttered, but that's part of the charm. I frequently eat there, and find the staff to be gracious and attentive. The food is good and the portions ample. For first-timers, the only drawback is that it is hard to find. Just look for the K-Mart sign and enter the parking lot there.

            1. re: outandaboutagain

              Ive been there once or twice....the staff & owners are in their pajamas & very friendly...if you wear pajamas you get a nice discount also. Typical menu well done ...I'd like to see them take the selections up a few notches though.

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                Any website on this one? Wanted to read the menu.
                Could not locate any.

                1. re: shabbystorm


                  I dont think you will find a menu its typically a spin off of small diner fare.

          2. Just One of those places that really stands the test of time....