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Jun 11, 2008 07:06 PM

soba noodles and 'israeli' couscous

where is the best deal for good soba noodles? all the supermarkets have very small packets for high prices?

also - where i can find the larger or 'israeli' style couscous?


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  1. Some Loblaws', especially those with larger Jewish/Kosher food sections carry Israeli couscous. I think it's usually in that section, rather than with the regular couscous. I'm pretty sure I bought it last at the big Loblaws on St Clair.


    1. For soba noodles....the dried ones anyways. I find Korean grocery stores have a great selection. Places like H mart, Galleria, if you are downtown you could try P.A.T but I have never been so I don't know what they have

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        P.A.T. has 5 locations and a good selection of soba noodles. The addresses are in this thread

      2. Not sure about the soba noodles; like detritus said sometimes you can find israeli couscous at the grocery store. I've also seen it at Domino's at St Lawrence Market

        1. Any of the chinese grocers in chinatown will have soba.

          I've bought israeil couscous (it's actually a toasted pasta from italy) from Viva Tastings on College west of Bathurst or in their stall in the North Market at St Lawrence Market on Sat. I think it's a bag of about 4-6 servings for $5

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            pape IGA has the israeli couscous in their pasta/rice etc. aisle. I think it is less than $2 a package I get it there all the time.

            1. re: shana

              Sanko on queen west has some really nice japanese soba noodles but they arn't cheap. You can find cheaper ones at the chinatown grocery stores.

            2. re: chocabot

              If you buy soba noodles from the grocers in chinatown, make sure it is good. Sometimes their imitiation noodles (ie. odon) is really bad. I usually buy all my korean or japanese noodles from H-mart or galleria.

              1. re: cakesncookies

                You can buy soba made of buckwheat and "product on Japan" in chinatown. Like everything else, you have to read the labels because they stock it next to somen and rice noodles and everything else...

            3. Bulk barn on Kingston Rod in Scarborough carries ir as does the bulk Barn at the Scarborough Town Ctre. I would guess all GTA bulk barns therefore carry it.