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Jun 11, 2008 06:43 PM

Where to eat in Va. Beach

I am heading to Va. Beach for a few days next week and need to set up my meals. My family and I are all pretty serious foodies. Want to do simple but frshest possible seafood one night, Italian another and some other interesting dinners. I used to live in the area but that was 10 years ago. At that point Lynnhaven Fish House and Pasta e Pane would have been choices for the first 2. Are they still around and is there anything new that is better? Fire & Vine looks interesting but what others are recommended. 58 Deli looks like a must for lunch but does anyone have other lunch suggestions?

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  1. While I'm sure others will have plenty of of more current suggestions, I recommend Coastal Grill on Great Neck Road. It's not new-- they are going on 20 years at that location-- but it's consistently good.

    1. Not sure if I'm too l late--but I definitely recommend The Lucky Star--best crabcakes rated by New York Times--overall great food. highly recommended. Zoe's is also good--near Crocs and "pavillion"