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Jun 11, 2008 06:39 PM

Thai or Pizza takeout near Palmer House

We're flying into Chicago from NY early on Friday, and will try to go to Oak Park, the Art Institute, and possibly the Skydeck during the day and evening. Never been before, so we're trying to do a lot in 4 days. We figured takeout in the hotel room would be good that night, preferably Pizza or Thai. We're staying at the Palmer House on Monroe. Is there anything nearby someone could recommend? Thanks...

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  1. I enjoy Star of Siam, 11 E Illinois St. Its north across the river but walkable or quick cab.

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      My Thai, there are two locations near by. 30 S Michigan and 333 S State.

      Take out pizza? I guess all the Pizza places downtown are takeout if you call in advance. I can't think of a pizza by the slice place downtown that's worthwhile. Someone should really open one.

    2. Pizano's for pizza. On Washington and Wabash which means you can call in the order and pick it up saving you the delivery fee. It is maybe three blocks from the hotel. Get the deep dish butter crust.

      1. Amarit will deliver

        Amarit Thai Restaurant
        600 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL 60605

        1. As long as you're fully aware that none of the Thai places mentioned represent the truly good stuff in Chicago...I'd go with Amarit for typical Thai fare done with competency.

          1. Thanks all for the heads-up. Good to know we have a few choices. I'm originally from Sydney, where Thai is taken pretty seriously, but we're just as happy with 'comfort' Thai, especially after a 5am NY start. We'll keep Pizano's in mind too, in case the pizza mood strikes. Thanks again...