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Jun 11, 2008 06:20 PM

Troy, Mi - Kalamata Restaurant

Anyone have info on this place? It's on Crooks Road, just north of Big Beaver. It's not open yet.

I love greek food (skordalia = yum), and I'd like to know about good greek restaurants near me.

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  1. While Kalamata may not have skordalia - It's a great place and I'm there once a week.

    My favorites are:
    Spinach Pies (3 for $4.29 is a steal) and Oh So Good
    Pastitso Platter (with two sides - I usually have a spinach pie and the grilled vegetables) for 7.99
    The Chicken Lemon Rice Soup is also very good - but I usually stick to Pastitso or a Gyro Combo

    If I do carry-out - I'll do a Chicken Breast Pita combo - either 'Traditional' or 'Detroit' style - but always with a spinach pie.

    (I really really like their fresh spinach pie.)

    Things that aren't the same as being in greektown:
    - it's a different atmosphere - it's fast casual (order and pick up your food), no alcohol
    - while the green beans with tomato sauce are tasty - I like my green beans way overdone (how wierd is that
    )- no flaming saganaki

    Things that are same as being in greektown:
    - one of the two brothers is always there
    - very quality conscious

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    1. re: blues

      Anyone know where to get good skordalia?

      1. re: blues

        Is their gyro meat carved off the spit?

        1. re: coney with everything

          Yes. The gyro meat is carved off the spit. The spit, and carving is in full view. You can watch them prepare everything. You place your order at the front of the restaurant, and walk along the food prep area to pick up your order at the back.

          1. re: blues

            We gave Kalamata a try tonight. It's nice to see a couple of independent guys giving it a go. The place is spotless and service was fast and friendly. I also really appreciated the fax carry out.
            The food for us was a split decision (A fair amount fed the trash monster). Yes the gyros meat is carved off a "spit" although it's an electric one. The cooks lack any skill and really hack up the meat with an electric knife. Yes, you read that correctly. Nothing quite like the ambiance of an electric knife whirring away.
            I think I had 70's flash backs of my dad carving a turkey while I was waiting for our order.
            The Pita bread was good and the menu hints at it being made on premises but if you read closely they only say it is "House Grilled".
            The Tzatziki sauce tastes like it's straight from a Sysco jar and all the Sysco boxes in the kitchen don't shout quality to me. Having said that they are (arguably) some of the better Gryos in the northern metro environs simply because the Gryos meat is not the ubiquitous sliced "loaf " found at nearly every Coney Island in the area.
            The spinach pies were indeed hand made. Regrettably they appeared to have been made hours earlier if not the day prior. The tops had flaked away and they were totally anemic. No garlic, no lemon. I expect they have their fans but an Olgas spinach pie would likely be classified as highly seasoned in comparison.
            We also had the zesty feta dip and pita chips. Not appetizing to look at (yak in a cup) and didn't taste much better.
            The Greek salad was dissapointing. Harsh bottled Greek dressing, plain beets (since when does a greek salad not come with pickled beets?) and big chunks of cucumber that had not been peeled.
            I do give them the thumbs up for the gyros but this is a McDonalds esque version of Greek food. If your in the area and hungry for a Gryo great ,but not worthy of a dedicated drive.
            In short, there is no resemblance to Greek Town.

            1. re: Fritter

              thanks for the report, fritter

              I could see stopping for gyros, but bad spinach pie and Greek salad???

              1. re: coney with everything

                The spinach pie was not for me. I'd be willing to give them a pass on that if you like very neutral flavors.
                The greek salad was un-pardonable. You can get a better Greek salad from any Jets pizza.
                If they would just make their own Tzatziki sauce, cook and cut the Gryos properly then they could step up the quality by a fair margin.
                Both Olgas and The Crazy Greek would be better picks for me but the truth is you can buy Gryos loaf and pitas in just about any market in the area and make better at home. Tzatziki sauce is easy to make.