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Jun 11, 2008 06:04 PM

Kansas City - Places for Bridal Shower

I'm throwing a bridal shower for a friend and have always found it much easier to do these types of events at a restaurant since my home is not really large enough to accommodate so many people. (plus it is SOOO much easier!)

In the past, I've held these events at places like Milano at Crown Center, Classic Cup and a restaurant in Lee's Summit which has since closed (if anyone remembers Heroes in Lees Summit, you'll know how long ago that one was-it was my very first one when my budget was small!).

Anyway, I wanted to try someplace new. I'm looking for suggestions that are mid-range - something that is better than a chain restaurant, but not the American Restaurant either! My preference is for a place that has a private or at least semi-private area.

As far as location, I would be open to somewhere in the southland, KCK area or Lawrence.

Any ideas out there?

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  1. I heard Carmen's in Brookside has an upstairs space (my office had a party there..)
    For LUNCH, the Plaza III has some good private dining specials (sit in the basement wine room place).. Dinner is def. more $.

    Lawrence- I went to a shower years ago at Free State Brew..they have an upstairs was very tasty and nice and private.

    For a bit more whimsy, try Eden Alley Cafe (in the Temple) - they have a private space off the main dining room it looks like...does Andres have a private room?

    1. Are you thinking like lunch time or afternoon? In the Crossroads at 1924 Main has "The Cellar" that they sometimes let people use, but not sure if they would do a weekend shower. Lidia's has a great space upstairs I was at this week, with some great food and service as well. A neat idea could be using JP Wine bar, it probably wouldn't be that busy at it's unique.
      Around the plaza there's Grand Street which would be nice, and ReVerse might do something different.

      1. The Intercontinental does a nice afternoon tea on Saturdays - I've been to a few showers there that were lovely.