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Jun 11, 2008 05:45 PM

BBQ in Manchester, NH?

Has anyone been to the new BBQ place in Manchester? It's on Chestnut Street. I was a Down N Dirty devotee. Was being the operative word, since they're gone now. Very sad.

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  1. You want to talk to Lexpatti, she has great taste in that area, value her opinion,

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    1. re: gryphonskeeper

      Thanks gkeeper but my favorite BBQ is gone too - Premier Palette. I'll have to try City Flame. I am hearing great things about the one in Boscawen (just north of Concord) - has anyone tried?

      1. re: lexpatti

        The one in Boscawen is The Smoke Shack Southern Barbecue. Only been once and shared a combo plate of brisket, ckicken and ribs. Nice sweet and smokey flavor. I think they said they use apple & hickory wood chip and get there pigs from a place in Goffstown. Can't wait to get back to try more.

        1. re: Infomaniac

          We eat at the Smoke Shack or get take out every so often. I usually choose the brisket. Their sides are good, esp the mac and cheese. I'm very fussy about cole slaw since so much of it nowadays is commercially prepared but their's is very good. They give maple syrup to dip sweet potato fries but I don't care for that idea. I drive by it all the time and it looks like it's getting busier. If I recall correctly, they started the business catering on the NASCAR circuit. The Smoke Shack is not far from exit 17/rt 93 in Boscawen.

    2. The new place on Chestnut is City Flame Smokehouse, I've been a couple times and like it a lot. Brisket I had twice and both times it was perfect, nice smoke flavor and not dry at all. Tried some of the chicken and pulled pork which tasted good. Pull pork is served unsauced and had a nice smoke flavor. Bark tasted awesome, Interesting sides are very good also.

      I was a Down N Dirty fan too and KC's Rib Shack has been filling that void well but City Flame Smokehouse is worth a visit.

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      1. re: Infomaniac

        Was a Down N Dirty Fan but City Flame more than makes up for their loss - and they beat KC's Rib Shack, which doesn't have brisket.

        I have eaten at City Flame at least a half dozen times and have never been disapointed . I like that they serve meats w/o sauce, so you can either choose your own sauce or in most cases, enjoy the smokey flavor by itself along with tasty bark pieces.

        I also liked Premiere Pallete, but their agonizingly slow service and frequent outages ( Saturdays were often slim pickings ) were a strike against them. Neither is an issue with City Flame .

        As a note, those who have been to Goody Coles over in Brentwood ( also excellent ) should know that the owner of CF used to work there - and apparently learned his craft quite well .

        1. re: Msample

          I keep hearing about Goody Coles but haven't had a chance to get over that way. Thanks for the reminder.

      2. I've been to City Flame, and it's was quite good barbecue. Very good smoking, nice sauces. Unlike almost all BBQ in this area, I wasn't disappointed in it.

        1. I found one pic of my pulled pork from City Flame:

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          1. re: kaszeta

            Wow! Thanks Kas.....your photo alone will send me there. They should hire you to photograph all their meals.

            1. re: othervoice

              Thanks. Food photography (which my friends and SO call my "food porn") is one of my hobbies. Check out my flickr page ( for more pics.

              1. re: kaszeta

                Soo kewl, I'm jealous of your trip to New Orleans. I lived there for 7 years and we bought timeshare just to go each year to eat!!! Was destroyed in Katrina and haven't been back since. Did you eat crawfish while there? Great pics

          2. Wow, folks - thanks so much for the info! I'll be heading to City Flame this week and will write a little something on this page to let you guys know! Yee-hah!

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            1. re: manchesterfoodie

              Wow, me too - pic is awesome Kasz - I just had lunch and the pic makes me hungry.

              1. re: lexpatti

                I went to City Flame on Friday! I didn't eat there, but did take out for 4 adults. It was really good. The pulled pork was more 'chopped' than pulled, but, it was good. VERY smoky. The sauces were good, a little sweeter than I like but still excellent. I'm a big fan of spicy food and I didn't make it past the 'medium' sauce! The sides we had were phenomenal: mashed potatoes, baked beans, cole slaw, and corn bread. The corn bread had actual pieces of corn in it and was almost cake like in its consistency. They had freshly brewed sweet tea, which is excellent for those looking for the authentic southern experience. It was a really nice experience and I can't wait to go back and eat there. I have to say, for those living in Manchester....they have parking! That's a BIG plus!

                1. re: manchesterfoodie

                  Yeah I thought it was good but just way too smoky for me.