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Jun 11, 2008 05:11 PM

New Farmers Market - Long Branch - Thursdays

I love the new Farmer's Market in West End, Long Branch!
Thursdays from 12:00 - 6:00pm

in the parking lot behind Jesse's Cafe
139 Brighton Avenue
West End,NJ 07740
Tel: 732-229-6999


The market has just started, but already a great collection of vendors:
- ER & Sons organically grown produce. IMO the best farm in the region. Last week I got superb romaine lettuce, pak choy, collards, radishes, scallions, mizuna.
- Carter & Cavero olive oil. The wonderful store from Red Bank has a tasting table at the market.
- Preserves. relishes, and treats from Tasty Pantry. Mostly organic. I love her peanut butter smash gluten-free candy bar.
- Pickle vendor
- Woodland Farms produce vendor with lots of stuff, last week they had strawberries and really good fresh-dug garlic
- Hoboken Farms. I haven't tried their stuff yet. Cheese, breads, pasta, meats.
- Jesse's salsas, hummus, soups, etc.
- a tea vendor

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  1. I agree, I go to this market every week. The turn out however is disappointing. In reference to woodland farms, they are about 35 days ahead of the regular nj growing season, so they can offer some items that may not appear regularly in the monmouth county farmer's markets. Also don't forget about DR PICKLE who has shown for the past two weeks and has great pickled products!!

    1. How did I miss this? A farm market in LB?

      Guess where I'll be this Thursday.

      Does anyone know more about the tea vendor?

      Thanks, Val, for posting this.

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      1. re: tom porc

        The tea vendor is ducky life tea....a local tea vendor out of asbury park who carries fair trade organic teas from all around the world. Her teas are amazing!!!!

        1. re: agruel

          Thanks. I'll look for ducky today. It will sure beat going to Edison for high quality loose black tea.

      2. I went two weeks ago right at noon but not all the vendors were set up yet. The corn and blueberries were outstanding. Tomorrow I am going to try the organic one in Bradley Beach:
        Every Wednesday, 11:00 AM-04:00 PM / parking lot of Giamano’s Restaurant

        1. If you haven't tried this season's peaches, do yourself a favor. They are excellent. I bought from Casola Farms at the Long Branch farmers market. This same vendor is also at the Sunday market in Red Bank.
          Another fruit treat... Hauser Hill has apples, peaches, nectarines. Summer apples are not as good as Fall apples, but Hauser's small "greenies" are juicy and tart. Nice for a fruit salad. Hauser Hill is not at the Long Branch market. They are at Red Bank and Keyport (thurs eve).

          Alas, the NJ berries seem to be all out.

          See my photo of the fruit:

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