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Dinner recs for a 1st timer

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Fellow CHr's - need your advice again - you haven't steered me wrong yet! Will be in the windy city for a fri - sun nite. Staying at Hyatt O'Hare and willing to accept cab and/or train to reach destination. Tell a TX gal what I should experience. Want great pizza one nite! What else should I NOT miss? Am open to all cuisines and all atmospheres. Possibly a group one niter for special dinner - up to $60 pp. Anything I MUST bring back which can only be found in your great city? Thanks for your recs!

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  1. Check out answers to this post: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/528148

    The blue line will get you straight from O'Hare to a lot of great places, including Wicker Park/Bucktown, where you can walk to Spring for the special dinner: http://www.springrestaurant.net/.

    If it wereme, I would try Blackbird or Avec for the $60 dinner. Same owner, very different cuisine and atmosphere, but Avec is great for a group. Family style service. http://www.avecrestaurant.com/