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Jun 11, 2008 04:34 PM

Good, moderate priced Atlantic City restos?

We might be spending a few days in AC, and are wondering about eating options near the Boardwalk/center of town. We'll probably come in by train, and not have a car available.

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    Opa Grill is right on the boardwalk. Great views of the boardwalk and ocean!

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    1. re: Angelina

      OK, but the same can be said of a lot of other places in town, including the cheese steak place right next door.
      So what sets this place apart from the herd?
      What are their best dishes?
      And how are their prices? -- the website doesn't reveal any.


      1. re: Janko

        Maybe if you were a little more specific about what you're looking for you might get more help. There are hundreds of restaurants that fit your description, not to mention may previous threads on AC dining you could search for.

        1. re: Janko

          If you like Greek food, I think it is very good. I have had the calamari, chicken souvlaki platter (SO GOOD!), and my husband had a lamb dish, which was great.

          I can't rememebr the prices, but I know it was not crazy. Moderately priced I would say. Wines by the glass were $ 6 - $ 8.

          I would not waste my time with a cheesesteak. I can make that crap at home.


      2. Here is another spot. DIRT cheap. Absolutely no atmosphere at all, but freindly staff.

        I have not been in this place in years, so I can't comment on the food.