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Jun 11, 2008 04:33 PM

Looking for good mediterranean for father's day!

Hey guys! I'm looking for a good mediterranean restaurant to visit for father's day. We'll be 4 people total, and I'm on a student budget. I'd like to spend no more than $130-150 total. I would prefer something with some substance (ie. no tapas, or "tasting" menus). Also, we're not big drinkers.

I've been reading good things about Mythos and Philinos for greek. Would these be within my budget? Portuguese are high on my list as well...

I'm looking for something rather casual, but nothing TOO casual you know... Thanks!

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  1. Alep on Jean-Talon might be an option but will be tight budgetwise. It's syrian closing in on lebanese so pretty mediterranean and really good. Next door Petit Alep might be too casual altough you can order from either its menu or the bigger Alep menu.

    1. What about Jano on St. Laurent? It's Portuguese, lots of grilled meats and seafood, the prices reasonable - it should fit in your budget, and it has a decent atmosphere.

      1. I think Philinos would be good on your budget. They have a lot of plates "for 2" which were reasonable in price the last time I went:
        meat plate for 2 with chicken, sausage, pork and lamb
        seafood plate for 2 with mussells, calmari, shrimp, octopus.

        I think that will fit pretty well within your budget. and it's casual.

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          I would agree with Gerbera that Philinos would be ok for your budget, especially if you aren't planning to drink much. The portions are huge... Appetizers are best shared, I wouldn't be able to eat an appetizer and a main course.

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            Called Philinos for a reservation, unfortunately they were booked... I'm going to try to get a table walk-in, wish me luck!

            1. re: sockhead

              Ended up going to Mundo Trattoria that was reviewed in the Gazette... It was great, although we overdid on the apps.

        2. There's also Ouzeri on St.Denis which has decent Greek food. Not overly expensive, I believe it would suit your budget, do keep in mind that it's very loud and boisterous especially on week-ends.