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Jun 11, 2008 04:33 PM

Dallas Restaurant Recs

I am staying at the MCM Elegante-2330 West NW Highway-are there any good, kind of hip upscale restaurants near here? Within about 20 minutes? Would love a sushi rec. I have looked into Nobu, don't know if I want to go that upscale though-Thanks in advance!

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  1. You are close to Shinsei, Bijoux, and Rise No. 1 -- all very good. Shinsei is very hip, and has outstanding sushi (sushi chef is "Elvis") as well as interesting Asian cuisine from Casey Thompson (Top Chef season 3). Bijoux is upscale New American/French, and Rise No. 1 is a souffle' place -- quite the new hot ticket right now. They are all within walking distance of each other in the same shopping center at Lovers and Inwood. Fireside Pies is also next door -- good pizza, hip scene. Shinsei fits your criteria the best. Hope this helps!

    1. That area is a bit on the rough side, not the worst but not the best either, where you will be staying (gentlemen clubs and the like). For a great steakhouse close by Pappas Steakhouse is good and a bit pricey but ranked the best in the state according to Texas Monthly magazine. For sushi I forgo hip and trendy for excellent and plentiful. My suggestion is Oishii (my favorite is in Richardson - Masami) on Maple and Wycliff directions below from your hotel. Another few places that have been highly reviewed are Suze just to the east of your hotel on NW Hwy and Midway. I will have to agree Rise No.1 is excellent for what it is souflle but prepare for a $13-$25 souffle. The cheese selection is pretty good though. The only time I have been to Rise I met a somewhat local cheese vendor from Lubbock there. We all agreed it was great. The apple dessert was awesome and I would recommend that over one of the dessert souffle's

      Suze Review -

      Oishii Review -

      Rise - One of the few green restaurants in the country and they at least try very hard to make their menu from local ingredients if the USDA would let them. They get high marks in my book for at least trying!

      Shinsei - I believe they have some of Haute Goat cheese here also

      Bijoux - Try some of the cheese here from Haute Goat Creamery from Lubbock if you like goat cheese. I know it is a shameless plug for a cheese vendor but she has some of the best aged goat cheeses in the state.

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        Exactly what I needed. I believe I know now where that is--it is an odd area. I was on my way to a hotel last year and got lost and all of a sudden ended up at like the biggest strip club I've ever seen on a hill! I've eaten at the Pappas seafood place and it was pretty good. Thanks!