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Jun 11, 2008 03:40 PM

Great seafood on Cape Cod?

OK I know there is - Id like suggestions for casual, local type places for good seafood. I will have a car so I can explore

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  1. Not necessary only seafood, but general recommendation: Chappaquoit (sp?) Grill in/near Falmouth. Excellent food and I'm sure they offer seafood. Their specialty are the wood grilled pizzas. Be prepared for a long wait!

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    1. re: manchesterfoodie

      True I will enjoy any recs even if its not seafood!

    2. Cooke's in Mashpee or Hyannis. There is none better, get the fried clams if you like clams. Some of the best in the world. They win ALL the local awards.

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        If you want fried Kreme and Kone is considered one of the best on 28 in West Dennis.