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Jun 11, 2008 02:48 PM

Recommendations for Sequim & Port Angeles

My wife and I will be staying in the area for three days next month, and are looking forward to some good dinners. We're pretty eclectic in our tastes, but we really would like some great Northwest seafood for at least one dinner.

From the Internet, Fodor's and elsewhere, I've found some restaurants that look appealing. But I'd like to hear from some of you foodies what you think of them. Also, if you have any others to recommend that you think are better, I'd really appreciate it.

-Bella Italia
-Cedar Creek
-C'est Si Bon
-The 3 Crabs

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  1. I recommend you eat early! My wife and I hiked the Dungeness Spit and went into Sequim for dinner at 8PM on a Sunday, only to find out every restaurant was closed.

    Seven Cedars Casino was the only place we could find open, and I wouldn't recommend the "Neptune's Platter".

    We did eat at Fins in Port Townsend, and thought it was good. The Water Street Brewpub also serves up some tasty pints.

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      Actually, Dockside Grill at John Wayne Marina is open untill 9PM Wed-Sun.
      They are closed Mon and Tues. They stayed open for us when we called them from our boat, as we were not able to boat in until 910 PM. Dockside is the best place to eat in Sequim with something for everyone. Sawadee is great for Thai, but in Port Angeles Soho Asian Bistro on Front St is the best and has Thai, Mongolian, Schezuan, Chinese.

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        Try Alder Wood Bistro if you're in Sequim & hungry, check the menu here,

      2. Alder Wood Bistro in Sequim is a must. Bella Italia and Toga's in PA are very good too.
        3 Crabs is okay, it used to be better. It's the only place I've found that prepares Sole Almondine, but my husband complains that their portions are getting skimpy. We like the Dynasty and The Fortune Star for Chinese and El Cazador for Mexican. The 101 Diner is a 50's place with great milkshakes. 7 Cedars can be hit or miss... but their seafood buffet's are pretty good. The Oak Table is good for breakfast.

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          Port Angeles (PA)m - Togas is changing to a soup restaurant. I am not sure of the particulars... If you need breakfast in Port Angeles, try Ricks. It is in the downtown area. Yumbalicious crispy hash browns, strange, but endearing service. Fiesta Jalisco is the best Mex in PA. I also like Joy's Bistro in PA. It can be hit and miss with the quality, but when they hit, they hit. There is also a new wine bar at the waterfront buolding right near the ferry (the giant neon one). The views are to die for. Tendy's and Dynasty for asian.

          C'est Si Bon is iffy. Dupuis is depressing and ick.. Sorry. It is true. If you have to go to C'est - hit the little bar, have a drink and maybe some escargot. They are right along the trail so you could - if ambitious, walk from downtown to C'est and then catch the bus back to town (the bus stops sorta right out front of the restaurant.

        2. Does anyone know of a good place for a Thanksgiving Day Buffett in Sequim or Port Angeles? Visiting family there and we wanted to take them out for a nice Turkey Day rather than burden them with entertaining us.

          1. Henry66, what did you find? I'm about to be out in the PA area for the weekend. From previous posts and their websites, Bella Italia and C'est Si Bon look good, but websites can be misleading. :)

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              I have not eaten at C'est Si Bon, but have heard nothing but good things. I have eaten at Bella Italia and I must say it is some of the best I've had. I really liked their Veal Marsala - usually it is sort of sweet, but theirs was not - just right. I have not found better, and would highly recommend it.

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                Alder Wood Bistro and Bella Italia for fresh & NW. We have eaten at these two recently. 3Crabs is dying a slow death, it is over with,has been.

            2. Whenever I roll through Port Angeles en route to or from Olympic NP, I stop in at the Landings Restaurant for outstanding halibut and chips; I have gotten them takeaway also. The fish is locally caught, the chips are waffle cut, and this dish is usually voted "best of the peninsula" by a local paper. I think they are the best I've ever had. The clam chowder, and the cod and chips, are both very good too.


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                The Landings is closed. Landlord/tenant issues.

                If you want nicely cooked fish, sigh, go to Michaels. I hate to recommend them because their food is not perfection sometimes. BUT that is the place. They have a small, but nice/changing(ish) menu that involves fish, oysters, pasta and maybe lamb. It has a Med. bent. I would say, Michael's - sometimes Divine Dining.