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Jun 11, 2008 02:31 PM

Going to Thali in New Haven......

this friday night. What's good to order? Anything different? Don't want anything that burns though! Thanks, Richie

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  1. JJ, to quote my lunch experience there, recently, "Gobi manchurian, (a cauliflower dish). We shared chicken tikka masala, goat, on the bone, in a thick, curry like base (Hyderabaldi Ghosht Banjara), saag paneer (spinach with garlic, fenugreek and cottage cheese), garlic nan (kulcha)".
    The goat in curry was not very hot. I believe they always ask how you would like it. Medium is what a lot of people enjoy though "hot" is not much for a Texan..... Actually, I got "medium".
    I think so highly of this place that I would not worry about ordering anything. If unsure, ask, though I think you will get the perfunctory "how hot would you like it", especially if it involves curry.
    Have fun. Report back!

    1. The crab meat app is great, there's a fried okra salad thats also very good, the halibut entree also very good, goat or lamb homestyle very good. We've never had a bad dish there.

      1. Everything is great at Thali, but one standout item they have a great halibut curry - not sure of the name, but it was coconut milk based and had lots of herbs.

        1. You WILL not be disappointed by anything you order at this restaurant. GREAT food. They also have Thali Too on Broadway, across from the Yale Bookstore/Barnes and Noble. A bit cheaper than big Thali and all vegetarian.

          1. Thanks for all your replies. I am looking forward to eating here! Richie

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              It is all great stuff, here are some of my favorites:

              starters: kokan crab, and any of the chats
              main: halibut, andra chicken
              dessert: lemon tasting is great