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Jun 11, 2008 02:12 PM

La Cantera Advice

Hi. Will be in San Antonio for the weekend at the Westin La Cantera. I am not familiar with SAT. Is there anywhere good at the La Cantera shopping mall or within walking distance of the Westin?

As for the other night, I am looking for suggestions for an excellent upscale place where we can have fish as no one in our party eats meat. Thank you.

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  1. Haven't been out there,but they do have a website for the Shops at La Cantera,and there may also be one for The Rim,which has the palladin Theatre and other stores.
    You might go to the SA Current website for reviews, or see if there is a San Antonio restaurant Association or something. Do you have access to a rental car or your own car,if so you won't be stuck out in one area.
    However,I must warn you from having lived off and on in the San Antonio area since the 1950s(late father retired from the USAF in 1975 from RandolphAFB),that the place was never known for it's seafood.Years ago we went to a place on Broadway for my sister's graduation dinner that had wonderful seafood,but it closed several months afterwards when we went down there to eat again.
    Things may have changed since 1982 around town,but it seems if there is any really good place it doesn't stay.Do you have friends here in Texas? Maybe they could send you a copy of Texas Monthly magazine.They list many upscale places in various cities in Texas. If I get to Borders, maybe I can look at a copy and copy some info down for you.There is a fish restaurant over on Loop 1604 and US Hwy281 .It is in a shopping plaza and called Ocean Seas,don't know how upscale it is.
    There was one over at Interstate 10 and Fredricksburg,at The CrossRoads Mall
    that had excellent seafood.Forgot the name,but it again disappeared.
    Also the Bass Pro Shop over at The Rim has a restaurant that serves fish,but it might not be what you are looking for.

    1. hey,I found the Kona Grill at the Shops at La Cantera.They have lemon grass crusted Halibut,Pan-seared Ahi,Sweet Chili glazed salmon,and baked There is also the Bourbon Street Cafe over there as well.They have seafood and meat as well.

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        I have heard only good things about Kona Grill.

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          Had lunch ast Kona recently, slow service, solid food. A little "chain like" but not bad, esp enjoyed the sushi. If you are willing to drop few bucks, Francescas at Sunset in the Westin La Cantera is amazing! Call ahead for reservation (7ish would get you in for sunset!) and prepare to be wowed. I myself had the Salmon and hubbie had lobster enchiladas! Wowser! Apps also were amazing, hubbie had brined shrimp and I had the trio of tamales, both were great! Dessert of chocolate concotion was my favorite EVER!

        2. Tiago's Cabo Grille is fantastic: &

          Mimi's Cafe was nice and solid if you have picky eaters:

          For a nice meal, Brannon's inside the Westin is very good:

          1. There really isn't anything at all within walking distance of the Westin. The food at the Westin at the upscale restaurant is very good. Pricey but good. I had a grilled fish that was great (sorry, it was a couple of years ago and I can't remember exactly what I ate, just that it was very good). The other restaurant has decent sandwiches and the like, but avoid the buffet if at all possible - overpriced and nothing to write home about.

            The mall has restaurants, but I had one of the worst meals of my life at a Kona Grill (the pizza was worse than the cheapest frozen, my salad with grilled salmon featured rotten salmon that smelled so bad I couldn't understand how the waiter had the gall to serve it and my small child refused to eat the chicken fingers because they were nasty - it takes alot to screw up frying some frozen chicken fingers). And even if you like the place, it's not at all upscale.

            La Cantera is about 20 minutes outside of town, so you are going to have a drive to get anywhere good to eat.

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              yeah,that's why I mentioned about the rental car. San Antonio is not like New York City where you can ride a bus every where,and there are plenty of cabs.
              Heck you can even take the train up to Boston if you want.
              Around here if you want to go any place special you have to have a rental car
              or own your own vehicle to get around.

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                Maybe we will stay in the Westin Friday evening. We will have a car on Saturday so distance is not an issue. Does anyone know anything about Wildfish Seafood Grille? Or how about Sandbar? I know Sandbar is owned by Le Reve, but it is listed as "casual". It doesn't have to require jackets but I am looking for a somewhat nice place to entertain. Do they have a good selection of fresh fish or just seafood?

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                  I've not been to Sandbar as it seems to have very erratic hours and whenever I've tried to go, they've been closed. However, for seafood Pesca is pretty good, they have an oyster bar (rare in San Antonio!) and very good ceviche.

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                    Sandbar is casual and very small (maybe only 6-8 tables in the place. The food is fantastic, but if you are looking for something a little more upscale for entertaining, then you might go with Wildfish or one of the other places on the northside. Wildfish just opened a few months ago and is part of the Eddie V's organization. They are doing very well right now. Reports I hear is that it is solid food without anything too creative or original.

              2. I'm going to chime in on the love for Pesca! Their oyster bar so impressive!