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Flying into San Carlos to pick up chinese.

Ourieff Jun 11, 2008 01:59 PM

This may sound odd, but I have an opportunity to fly up to the Bay Area to pick up some chinese food. We live in a "wasteland" in the valley. I was planning on flying into San Carlos, easiest to get in and out of in a private plane.

Any suggestions as to a chinese restaurant who would deliver to the terminal building for us, or is a close cab ride.

Could also fly into Oakland or Palo Alto. The food is the issue more than the airport.

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    orezscu RE: Ourieff Jun 11, 2008 02:12 PM

    I'm guessing CHX will redirect you to Oakland, but if San Carlos is easiest, then call Yan's Garden. They're reliable American Chinese food, nothing fancy or hardcore "authentic." Fresh, not greasy, and most importantly they deliver reliably.


    1. Robert Lauriston RE: Ourieff Jun 11, 2008 02:14 PM

      Oakland airport is right next to Alameda, where there are several Chinese restaurants some people on this board recommend:


      SFO's not an option? There's great Chinese food a short BART train ridge away, and good Chinese right in the terminal.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston
        PeterL RE: Robert Lauriston Jun 11, 2008 02:19 PM

        OP is apparently flying a private plane. Much easier to fly into smaller private airports than the big ones.

        But if the only reason is to pick up some Chinese food, OP may want to fly into Sacto Executive Airport, which is on Freeport Blvd., near several very excellent Chinese restaurants.

      2. Robert Lauriston RE: Ourieff Jun 11, 2008 02:52 PM

        Another option at Oakland, time permitting, is the shuttle to BART, where you can catch a train to 12th ST Oakland / Chinatown. Including waits the trip is around 25-40 minutes each way.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston
          bbulkow RE: Robert Lauriston Jun 12, 2008 12:34 PM

          My friend keeps his plane at KaiserAir, I suspect most folks flying into Oakland would tie up there. The bart shuttle doesn't run anywhere near there, as far as I can tell. 511.org says something about a 50 bus to bart --- at least the area has some public transit options. 511.org is quite sweet - for example, it tells me there's a samtrans bus from SQL that'll take you to caltrain.

          Or you could have a taxi waiting for you, just take you to bart. Is that how people do it?

          It really depends what type of chinese you're looking for (authentic, fancy, whatever), and how much you're willing to travel. San Carlos is not known for its chinese - although this Blue Sky Cafe sounds interesting - the hotspots on the peninsula are San Mateo/Millbrea, and south at Mountain View. If you are willing to hop over to caltrain, all of these places are open to you.

          If you don't want to spend an hour on public transit, the only place I can think of, of any note, is Ming's in Palo Alto, which is a pleasant walk from the palo alto airport. See board posts for details

          1. re: bbulkow
            Ruth Lafler RE: bbulkow Jun 13, 2008 03:35 PM

            Yeah, the 50 bus runs along Doolittle past the private air field. Going one direction it goes into Alameda and eventually to Fruitvale BART. Going the other direction it loops through the airport and then down Hegenberger, across the freeway to Coliseum BART.

            But mostly, I've been wondering exactly what kind of Chinese food the poster wants. If he's going to fly all the way to the Bay Area for it, presumably he doesn't want just any old Chinese food. A lot of the more "authentic" Cantonese/HK dishes don't travel very well, which is another issue. If it were me, I'd go for some Shanghai or Sichuan soups, stews/braised dishes that will still be decent when it's finally eaten.

            1. re: Ruth Lafler
              Robert Lauriston RE: Ruth Lafler Jun 13, 2008 04:07 PM

              The 50 runs up Park in Alameda. There are maybe a dozen Chinese restaurants along there.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston
                Ruth Lafler RE: Robert Lauriston Jun 13, 2008 07:31 PM

                Yeah, but only two decent ones: Ark for "Northern" Chinese and Hong Kong City. The rest of them are pretty dreadful. Again, if he's taking the trouble to fly in, I'm assuming he wants something pretty special.

                Hong Kong City Seafood
                1425 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

                Ark Chinese
                1405 Park St, Alameda, CA 94501

        2. RWCFoodie RE: Ourieff Jun 11, 2008 03:30 PM

          For my 2 cents, I'd get to Blue Sky Cafe in Belmont - it's about a 5-8 min ride from SC airport (depending on the time of day and how many traffic lights you catch on green!), but what makes it a better choice IMHO is that they do "real" Chinese food. It's a small place but what I've had from there has been quite good and the people are very friendly.

          I'm not sure if they deliver, but check out this link: http://www.blue-sky-cafe.com/html/spe...
          This particular page is their "specials" page - lots of interesting dishes that are the kinds of things I want to eat when thinking Chinese food. I recall that the chicken wings on the apps menu are quite good. They do a "Happy Hour" special in the afternoon that is a bargain...

          Blue Sky Cafe
          1625 El Camino Real, Belmont, CA

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          1. re: RWCFoodie
            Robert Lauriston RE: RWCFoodie Jun 11, 2008 03:34 PM

            Topic on Blue Sky Cafe:


            1. re: RWCFoodie
              orezscu RE: RWCFoodie Jun 11, 2008 04:51 PM

              Oh yeah -- BSC is worlds different from Yan's. To get there from the airport you only need to take two streets, and it's probably a 2-minute cab ride if you hit all greens! Don't know if BSC delivers, but if you can go in person you'll get a much more interesting variety of foods.

              1. re: RWCFoodie
                RWCFoodie RE: RWCFoodie Jun 11, 2008 08:55 PM

                To update the thread that Robert thoughtfully provided: 3-item special is now $19.95 with a complimentary container of soup (tonight it was a very flavorful broth with what looked like bok choi). Minimum for credit cards is now $20, no checks.

                Stopped in on the way home this evening and picked up s&p chicken wings, eggplant with pork chop in garlic sauce and dry fried green beans with preserved mustard stem and ground pork plus small rice. Everything was very tasty!

                The walls are now lined with day-glo posters full of specials in English and Chinese - many interesting sounding dishes - one sheet just for clay pot items.

                Note to self: try the curry beef stew!

              2. a
                anigozanthos RE: Ourieff Jun 13, 2008 01:14 PM

                Blue Sky Cafe is pretty authentic but any alum of Stanford U. in Palo Alto will tell you that Jing Jing is near and dear. I've heard of alums asking the owners or friends to pack kung pao shrimp in dry ice and next day air it to NYC or other far away locales. They do hot and spicy schezuan style very well.

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