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Jun 11, 2008 01:50 PM

Blue Moon Sports Grill/A Taste of Mediterranean PHX

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could tell me anything about these restaurants as they have rebuilt and are in the process of re-opening on the SEC of 12th Street and Northern, behind the AM/PM. The new building looks like it will be split, one half the Blue Moon Sports Grill and the other A Taste of Mediterranean Restaurant. Does anyone know what happened to them and has anyone eaten at them in the past?

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  1. I've been watching this site keenly. I'm confused about what's going on there. Taste of the Mediterranean burned down several years ago. The building was a charred shell for a while, but then reconstruction started with a "same owner; same menu" sign up in front. Then, I no longer saw that sign and saw the new sign for Blue Moon. I had assumed that Taste of the Meditteranean was gone forever. If it's actually going to come back, I couldn't be happier.

    Taste of the Meditteranean was a nice neighborhood Middle Eastern restaurant. It was nothing I would have driven more than 5 or so miles for, but it was a nice addition to the restaurant mix in NCP and Sunnyslope. It served good kabob and rice dishes, hummus, etc. and offered wine and beer. My only complaint was an early closing time of 8 PM.

    1. My understanding is like yours, the new odd building with be both restaurants. I have been to each.

      Taste of Mediterranean- I agree with silverbear- not that special, good kabob though. I prefer Mediterranean House on Bethany and 16th.

      Blue Moon- I have been to on Highland and 20th St only once- definitely nothing too special there- chain, or chainlike, sportsbar. Not a casual brewpub, more like a pickup spot. Not memorable for food or drink.

      Local new watering hole- Bombero is getting rave reviews in our neighborhood. Have only been once, the setting FANTASTIC, the wine good, the service HORRIBLE. I am hoping that it was an off night. Will try again before ever going to Blue Moon.

      1. We used to enjoy stopping by Taste of Mediterranean for some lentil soup and kabobs, and also wondered what was going on with this "Blue Moon" sign. Finally went in last week. The place gives off a weird vibe..I think its because we knew it used to be just a kabob place, but now its a sports bar? Which is it? Does the average sports bar attendee really get into hummus, lentil soup and shish kabobs? we go...hey, it's not bad! A nice, large horseshoe bar takes up about half the large, open room There are numerous flat screen TV's around the entire room...but they've raised the ceiling so they are all above your head.
        Even with all the electronics, the sound level was pretty moderate...we could talk to each other with no problem. There are booths around the perimeter of the room, also some larger tables, all nicer than before. The menu....its pretty much the same as before, tho I think prices have risen a bit. We ordered a gyros/sultan kabob combo, and were a bit disappointed that there were no onions or other grilled vegetables (the menu didn't promise any, we were just hoping :). No soup this time of year...the waitress said they wouldn't start till late Sept / Oct. Anyway, the food was pretty much how we remembered, just a little snazzier room than before. We were kind of hoping the owner would stop by so we could ask about the fire and such but we never did see him.
        So....based on the signage, maybe they're not pushing the food angle. If anyone other old-timers stop by, I'd love to hear their reactions to the new place.

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          If I'm reading this correctly, ToM is now a hybrid sports bar and Meditteranean restaurant? That's an interesting mash-up that I never expected. I though at first that ToM would reopen and share the building with Blue Moon. When the Blue Moon sign became so dominant, I assumed ToM was gone forever and that the building was just going to be another sports bar with chicken wings, fried mozzeralla, etc. I'm tempted to stop in since I live nearby and was a ToM fan; however, given the sports bar vibe, I'm not sure if this is a good place to take the little one.

        2. We used to hit TOM for take out when we lived down the street - decent food, but the real lure was location. I'll drive from dowtown for Super Dragon...for TOM, not so much. Ok, this is strange, but I always got the impression that the owner lived upstairs - his van was always there, 24/7. Anyone else ever get that vibe?

          I think I'll just sit this one out until I start seeing raves.

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          1. re: mamamia

            Yes, I always got the impression that it was a live / work building -- sort of like Artisan Village on Roosevelt.

          2. Having been somewhat of a regular for the last few years, I have talked with Mr. Susan regarding his place. The restaurant menu (and chef) is the same as it was before the fire. Regardless of what others say, the gyros and stuffed grapes leaves (#5) menu item is delicious and enough to feed two people. Mr. Susan simply needs a way to repay the cost of the rebuild. In today's dollars that means extra hours. His restaurant menu switches to a more "bar food" menu in the evening (9:00-ish) and he stays open later to serve that crowd.

            The cost of a Budweiser isn't more than anyplace else. Plenty of big screens and everything I have eaten there has been worth the cost.

            Personally, I like Mr. Susan (his military honorable discharge papers hang on the wall) and I support ToM and Blue Moon whenever I can.