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Jun 11, 2008 01:17 PM

Nice breakfast in Baltimore

Hey guys, an unusual question for you. My father is flying in late late at night on father's day: too late to do a dinner. So I want to take him out to a nice breakfast place the next morning (Monday morning). I want it to be a bit nicer atmosphere than a simple diner, which puts Blue Moon on shaky grounds. A place like Miss Shirley's would be PERFECT. Unfortunately, it can't be miss shirley's (long story).

Thoughts? Somewhere inside the city (or close to Timonium) would be nice as I still have to commute to work afterwards. The place needs to be open by 8AM at the very latest.

Thanks for any input.

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  1. Wangus- Have you considered the Glaz Cafe in Mt. Wash at the intersection of Lake and Falls?
    I'm interested to know why you cannot go to Miss Shirley's....

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    1. re: maddogg280

      Oh. Well, I took my dad to Miss Shirley's once. It was just one of those events in which the world has it out for you. The waitress "foreigned" my parents during the entire service ("foreigned" is my term for talking really slowly and loudly ... oh, and by the by, my dad's English is about as good as mine: he's worked in US retail for over 25 years). I got a call mid-meal that I didn't get the job I was really hoping for. My dad got a call that his friend broke his leg on a golf course. And then when we were leaving the parking lot, our car got a flat.

      Hilariously in retrospect, the food was actually very good. Unfortunately, my dad refuses to go anywhere near the place. I still take visitors there for breakfast though.

      1. re: Wangus

        My in-laws are from South Carolina and hey got worse than "foreigned" at Miss Shirley's- the server started speaking to them in a mock southern accent! They were, uh, a little surprised to say the least...

    2. Cafe Hon has a decent breakfast and is open early Mondays.

      1. Golden West has a good breakfast...Springfield Farm eggs, polenta, chorizo and the like. Plus pancakes and waffles and such.

        1. If Blue Moon is on shaky grounds because you're looking for a nice atmosphere, then certainly Golden West Cafe fails that litmus test. It's shabby-looking (but good for hipsters who like that kind of thing), it's loud and the service staff is less than appealing (in terms of service and hospitality). Any place that's too loud to hear the person across the table from you has it's priorities misplaced regarding a "no cell phone" rule.

          Ashland Cafe in Cockeysville might be an alternative.

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          1. re: onocoffee

            I don't think Ashland is all that nice in atmosphere either. Good food though.

            1. re: JonParker

              I don't disagree, but the decor is certainly nicer at Ashland than many other places open for breakfast.

              But really, I can't think of many (perhaps any) places that I would consider "nice" for breakfast on a Monday morning. Outside of perhaps tourist hotels in the inner harbor.

              I prefer to make breakfast at home with really excellent ingredients or go a bit more "down home" and head to Pete's Grill on Greenmount. It's by no means fancy but the food is tasty and the price is right.

          2. The bakery at Belvedere Square Market opens at 8am. Donna's in Mt Vernon opens at 7a but not sure if it's just coffee. City Paper gave a breakfast sandwich award to a place called Chewie's (sp?) on Charles in mt Vernon as well but I have yet to try it. Zia's in Towson has breakfast, if your dad likes smoothies, etc.

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            1. re: BaltoPhilFood

              Is Chewies still open? I've had their breakfast sandwich and it was good, but atmosphere-wise, its little more than a carryout.

              1. re: KAZ

                Drove by a couple weeks ago and it looked like it is still up and running