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Jun 11, 2008 01:08 PM

Italian Restaurant in South Philly

My family is coming in from NY and I need a VERY good Italian restaurant in South Philly.
I haven't been here long enough to find one. There will be children present. Any price, but must be kid friendly.

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  1. Hey there,

    Here are a few that have been very good to get you started:

    Criniti's - Broad and Shunk
    I haven't been there in a while, they are in a new building, a small church. But from what I hear, they still turn out very good food. The old place use to be very small, not sure how well they fit themselves into this church. When I say Church, dont think old school Catholic gothic building. It is an odd shape, comes to a point to fit onto the corner, so maybe a recon to see how it is if you will have a large(ish) party.

    La Stanza - 20th & Oregon
    I have been here a few times, once for our conpany's Christmas party. Food has always been good.

    Ralph's - 9th & Catherine (Cash only)
    Also been a while since I was here, but they have always been know for their veal. I had gnocchi there one time, and they were the lightest I have ever had.

    Cucina Forte - 8th & Fitzwater
    Haven't been here bit some family and friends report good eats here!

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      I second the Criniti's reccomendation. I think they have a party room upstairs. (I was there yesterday, visit 1x per month)

      1. re: EastPA

        Nice! So they have a decent layout in the new space? The old spot, now a Chineese restuarant I think, was very close and tight quarters.

    2. Ralph's is practically an institution!

      1. IMHO, L'Angolo beats them all.

        1. I'm about to visit Philadelphia and would like to know if all of these recommended places are in South Philly.

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            L'Angolo is at 1415 W Porter St, (Broad and Porter) I have not tried this place, but I will take your word Elaine, since I work a few blocks away I will put this on my "To Eat At" list! :)

            And yes all these are in South Philly within a few minutes drive from each other.

          2. Our favorite is Tre Scalini. It's on Passyunk, near Broad Street. BYOB.

            The mama is the wonderful cook, but her daughter and son-in-law, who both work there, have a new baby who is often around. (Not so new anymore!)

            Favorite appetizers: broccoli rabe over grilled polenta, mixed seafood that's a mini bouillabaise, any salad.
            Pastas: homemade papardelle (often a special), pasta with three kinds of mushrooms, lobster ravioli, all pastas.
            Entrees - if you don't have the pasta as an entree -
            the best veal chop and veal filet around. The veal filet (you get 3 or 4 pieces) are thick, tender, and juicy. Really terrific. So is the veal chop. We get one of these rather than the veal tenders. Fish, etc. also good.

            This place is very popular and gets busy. If it's a weekend night, you may not be able to get a reservation.

            We like the other places mentioned, but we think that Tre Scalini stands out.