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Jun 11, 2008 12:54 PM

Bakery suggestions in Vancouver?

I'm looking for an excellent bakery in anywhere in Vancouver. Something with good sweets -- e.g. cookies, danishes, macarons, and other baked goodies.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Aburitoro, you've hit on one of my pet peeves -- how hard it is to find a full-service bakery here that does everything well. I find myself going to one for one thing, then another for another thing and so on. For danishes, my favourite is Patisserie LeBeau. I brought them for a work-related function in the spring and the docs are still talking about them. Be sure to pick up a loaf of craquelin too if they have it (sweet bread mmm). I like Liberty Bakery on Main for sweets, and Patisserie Bordeaux do a good job of the fancier French stuff. Fratelli's on Commercial will fill the bill for Italianesque goodies. I had cupcakes at an open house from Butter on Dunbar that were very tasty and full of their namesake. Sweet Es in Kerrisdale has some good offerings. Pastry Club also in Kerrisdale has good sweets made from quality ingredients and they also have great sandwiches if you're there at lunch. Tinker's Hatch on MacKenzie used to have good straight up non-fancy sweets (bear claws, anyone?) but I haven't been by in a while. Notte's Bon Ton on Broadway is worth a look -- just this past weekend had some really superb squashed fly biscuits from there and their version of cannoli is great too. Can't help you out with any macaron suggestions as they are not a fave. Great post, and I'm looking forward to hearing from others who are more bakery savvy so I can add to my own list :-).

    1. Van Mag has a great list:

      Sweet Art in North Van is excellent for the items you are looking for.

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        Another vote for Sweet Art if you're near Lonsdale -- don't get by there as much as I'd like but maybe that's just as well :-).

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          Thanks for the suggestions. Wow -- quite a list of places to try out. I'll definitely check out Sweet Art the next time I'm up that way.