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Jun 11, 2008 12:33 PM

Jamaican Patties ?

Can any one suggest locations that sell these awesome treats. I recently found a spot just north of Kittery Maine that sells them but hoping for somewhere closer. I prefer the chicken or veggie pies.

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  1. You can find them all over Boston. Perhaps telling us where you live would help us find something closer to you.

    1. Any suggestions on the north shore?

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        Since nobody has given you any North Shore suggestions, I can give a few ideas to get you started, but its specific. Jamaica's Flavor on pleasant st in Lynn definitely serves patties including chicken and veggie, but dunno how they are. I am sure there might be other options in that area, but others hound it more (striperguy?). For the Haitian pies which are a bit different, the Everett/Malden area usually has a few haitian restaurants (and there is probably a convenience store or two which has them). The first place I would check is a smallish new Haitian restaurant on Main St in Everett, but I haven't had a chance to stop in yet (would also try Main St convenience stores from Regina's up to Medford or Central St, particularly one right around Belmont st which sells beer/wine). I have seen Jamaican patties around Chelsea's central square (the frozen kind), but not fresh fried. There is a small chance that Bella Isla serves them (like Izzy's), but I am mostly certain they don't have them. BTW, for the discussion below (out of your area) I did confirm that Cammies has chicken option at least for the Haitian, but not certain about veggie and the Jamaican maybe ground beef only.

        The beef are pretty widely available in supermarket freezer cases, incidentally I haven't seen them at the Chelsea MB, but Malden S&S would probably have them as well as Everett Rt 16. McKinnon's on Broadway in Everett has a lot of pupusas and stuff in the freezer, think I have seen the patties too but not certain if they always have them. I have never been in that S&S or Shaws right by Wonderland on 1A, but seems like a good option to try and who knows WalMart might even stock them in their freezers.

      2. Unfortunately, a vast majority of the beef patties are the frozen kind from Brooklyn, Tower Isles brand.

        Flames on S. Huntington St. in Mission Hill has them. They also had a whole-wheat looking fish pattie which was actually pretty tasty. Oddly, the little no-name pizza/sub place next to Flames also has them under a heat lamp.

        Pepper Pot in Roxbury has 'em as well, and you can get them served up in the traditional style "with bread and cheese". This just means the beef patty is placed in between soft white "coco bread" with a slice of cheese. Fattiest, carbiest sandwich ever. Mmm.

        I vaguely remember someone saying the Caribbean bakery in Central Square has homemade beef patties. Can anyone confirm? Anyone tried 'em? I could go for a deeeelicious BP w/ bread & cheese, myself.

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          Cammie's on Columbia makes home-made Haitian beef patties, they did used to get a lot of requests for Jamaican beef patties so I think they ended up frying the frozen generic sorts. They definitely do not have fresh Jamaican. The Haitan are worth price of admission, but different: not spicy and more of a pastry shell. There have been some changes to the outside of the store and I haven't been in over a year, so can't guarantee what its like now nor remember if they have other patties. If its still under the same ownership (Marie), its probably the same. The frozen ones are also available at Izzys and the (it was Jamaican) store on Norfolk Street. There also used to be some available at a MIT truck ages ago (maybe the BBQ truck??), but still frozen and no more.

          1. re: itaunas

            Off-topic question - itaunas - do you know the name of the small restaurant up the street from Izzy's serving breakfast & lunch? The word "tropical" is all over their menu.

            1. re: gini

              Gini, unfortunately things in that neighborhood that are not restaurants somehow look like lunch counters to me: for example the money-transfer place, the puerto rican beauty salon. What you are mentioning sounds really familiar, but given the mirages, I can't pin it down. BTW, not a weekday lunch, but after the Latino mass you can sometimes get pupusas and other foods from a vendor in St Mary's parking lot. There also has been some soul food and caribbean foods at festivals on the park between Harvard and Broadway.

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                Answered my own question today - it's Camie's Bakery & Restaurant, a Haitian bakery/restaurant at Broadway and Columbia. Lots of patties on the menu: chicken, fish & beef.

                1. re: gini

                  I drove by and took a look around for you, but came to the same exact conclusion. Except since we were talking about Cammie's above, I thought you were onto something else. :-)

                  1. re: itaunas

                    Look, I can't be expected to actually READ everything on this board, my friend. That and I'm really slow. Thanks again!

            2. re: itaunas

              La Internacional in Union Square sometimes has the haitian-style ones as well. I'm betting they're Cammies since they carry their bread. They have the regular jamaican ones every day.

              1. re: deglazer

                Lechmere train station has frozen ones.

              2. re: itaunas

                Good run down itaunas! Only fresh made Jamaican patties in Boston I'm aware of are at Lennies Tropical Bakery on Blue Hill Ave near the intersection of Morton Street. They also have fresh made coco bread.

                Patties are baked not fried, I was horrified when I had my first deep fried version at Izzy's. Ones at the JA store on Norfolk tasted off. In Cambridge I usually check Ortanique for my standard pattie fix. I believe most commercial patties (and most coco bread) in Boston come from a bakery in CT not NY.

            3. Coast Cafe in Cambridge on River St has good ones.

              1. You can buy the frozen ones at most supermarkets now and they have them at BJ's. The main difference is that most of the Jamaican restaurants buy the spicy ones and the frozen ones are a bit milder.