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Jun 11, 2008 12:09 PM

Cafe Claude

Little report from a pescatarian- CA kosher style.

Went to Cafe Claude last night looking for a light dinner outside on a beautiful evening and were seated at one of the outdoor tables in Claude Alley. I must say the alley was very clean. I don't know why Cafe Claude has the umbrellas up on a beautiful evening, perhaps the pigeons but they made me feel claustrophobic. We ordered two salads, an endive and fried squash blossom. The endive salad was very attractive looking, a teepee shaped mound of belgian endive dressed with a blue cheese dressing, candied nuts, a few dried fruits- the portion was good sized and you need all those goodies because endives are boring. In fact we didn't finish the salad because they are so boring and ran out of goodies. personally, it was a better looking salad than tasting. The fried squash blossoms were filled with feta and they surrounded a mound of fresh arugloa with a roasted red pepper coulis rining the plate- this was the better choice. I think they were both around $10/ ea. We then shared a trout amandine. I am no fan of trout but the only other fish on the menu was tuna and due to health concerns we're not eating it. The trout (+/-20) was a red fleshed fish with slivered almonds and mushrooms on top. I would not order it again- not that it was offensive or anything it is a marginal tasting fish in my opinion and with a whole butterflied trout I'd say there is about maybe 4 oz of flesh. We shared a glass of Ramsay pinot (+/-$10). Good bread & butter is served. The bill was $75 tax and tip included. Make your own decisions but $75 to eat light in an alley ...It is not vegetarian or pescatarian friendly in my opinion.

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    Cafe Claude
    7 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108

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      Went to Café Claude last Friday evening. The atmosphere is great, jazz wonderful (although a little loud for a small space). It was really hot inside which is unusual for San Francisco as the weather is usually cold and foggy. They were tweaking the overhead fans for more air flow. We started with salads: I had the betterave, beet salad which was great. Some might not like the feta on the beets but I did. Mi esposa had the chevre, really fresh as it should be. We split a pate plate which was also excellant. Main courses were a little more disappointing. She ordered a steak, rare that is sangnon (e.g. raro) and I the d'agneau but they both arrived very medium after a lengthy wait. That was disappointing. Our server offered to take them back but we passed. Service was great. Wines: Started with a glass of the Gosset Brut which was a nice crisp French champagne. She had the Givry Burgundy and I a Bordeaux (don't remember which one). Both wines were great with that excellent French balance. Overall, a nice place although you pay for it, this dinner was 2 bills with everything. Dave