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Jun 11, 2008 12:09 PM

Nougatine for B-Day Dinner?

I just booked nougatine for a special someone's birthday dinner. Any thoughts? I know it's not JG, but it's close... ish? How's the food/service/decor?

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  1. It is not really "close-ish" to JG in terms of quality. Nougatine is very inconsistent and while sometimes food is great other times it could be very disappointing. Service is also very spotty. There are better choices for a birthday dinner than Nougatine, for sure.

    1. I llike Nougatine for lunch, and haven't experienced JG envy there.

      1. Nougatine is very inconsistent. I've made it a habit to go there for lunch/brunch, but on a recent trip (3 weeks ago), we went for dinner. The service was spotty but worse yet, the food was blah. We weren't allowed to order from the JG menu.

        The decor is more informal and it gets quite loud when it's busy. We went on a Saturday night.

        I would recommend JG way over Nougatine for dinner, especially for a special dinner.

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          Thanks for the feedback. Are there any amazing food places you'd recommend without a stiff atmosphere (no jacket requirements, etc.)?

        2. Oops, that comment goes to all!

          Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad I asked before being disappointed!

          Are there any other places you'd recommend that are brilliant food without being stuffy?
          Park Ave Summer/Spring? Nobu?

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          1. re: bhoxie

            Nobu is just a bunch of hype. You're better off going to Nougatine if it comes down to Nobu.

          2. I can't seem to reply to sugartoof - Nobu is consistent, which is what I like. Favorite dishes: Yellowtail with jalapeno, Sashimi Salad, some of their new style sashimi, tuna tiradito, steak in anti-cucho sauce (I've had to ask for this because it's on the standard London menu but not the ones in NYC). If it helps, my sister is taking me to Nobu 57 for my birthday - I haven't been to this location. My favorite of all the Nobu's in the one in London. Dress code in most of the Nobu's are smart/stylish, as opposed to formal.

            Really enjoyed our meal at Degustation but I don't think that it'll have the ambiance for a "special"'re pretty much sitting around a sushi bar.

            Good luck!