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Jun 11, 2008 12:07 PM

Gas prices effect dining expectations

When gas was $3.00 per gallon it never influenced by dining options. But now the cost of fuel has intruded on my consciousness and I am aware that my trip from central Austin to a suburb costs $8 even before the cost of the meal, wine, tip...

So now I look at Central Austin dining venues with new eyes and consider that I am saving $4-6 dollars just on gas. And now Whole Foods, and the wide variety of downtown happy hours, seem like bargains.

Is anyone one else effected by the cost of getting to and from dining adventures?

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  1. Yes indeed! For years I've enjoyed a country breakfast at the Blanco Bowling Club or lunch at Cooper's but the former now carries a $20 "cover charge" and the latter $30 with premium gas so both have sadly become rare events.

    1. Consider yourself lucky to be Central. Although not "adventurous," Whole Foods' sit down eateries are the best value in town. No, tipping or mark ups on wine. Grab a bottle of wine off the shelf and enjoy a beautiful meal that costs less than $15.

      1. It makes me feel more fortunate living in SE Austin where my favorite Mexican eateries are close by. Although the idea of going extra miles just to eat takes a little more thoughtful planning.
        To Austin John: Can your tell me more about the Blanco Bowling Club? Good biscuits and gravy?

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          The Blanco Bowling Club is one of the old-time German bowling clubs, like the bowling club at Saengerrunde Hall at Scholz Garten, established in the 1800's. The Blanco Bowling Club Cafe (I always seem to inadvertently omit "Cafe" when that's what I really mean) is an authentic small-town cafe with great breakfasts (the largest cinnamon rolls you ever saw for $.60!), biscuits and gravy (choice of plain or sausage), terrific plate lunches and lots of other yummy food including pies that are much better IMHO than BlueBonnet Cafe and $.50/slice cheaper.

          This coming weekend is probably not the time to try it as I imagine LOTS of bikers attending the Republic of Texas Rally here in Austin will be riding out there (as I did when I rode) but it's open 7 days a week from early breakfast through dinner (or supper, whatever you call it).