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Jun 11, 2008 12:07 PM

Annapolis Style Crab House close to DC

I am getting married next summer (yes I am an early planner) and we are looking for a place for the rehearsal dinner. The wedding itself is going to be in Chevy Chase, and the hotel is in Silver Spring.

I really wanted to have the rehearsal at Mike's Restaurant, which is a very old fashioned crab house (you can drive up or tie up at the dock) .. simple classic local food. Unfortunately I realized getting everyone to drive from SS to Annapolis during rush hour on Friday was kind of a non starter.

My family is all from arizona, so I really want to give them a "Maryland Crab" experience. Unfortunately, my fiancee's family is Jewish and some keep Kosher. None are super strict, but I need somewhere that has more than just crab on the menu. Its only about 20 people, so I was planning to order off the menu rather than have a set meal (it was hard enough figuring out a wedding dinner that would fit everyone's pickiness!)

Price should be around $20/entree, and atmosphere is key! On some body of water would be ideal.


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  1. Check out funky old Crisfield's in Silver Spring. It's the real thing.
    Nowhere near the water but it's one of the oldest seafood places in town. Been around since 1945, serving authentic Chesapeake Bay classics like Crabmeat Norfolk and Crab Imperial, treats rarely seen on local restaurant menus.
    Although they're heavy on shellfish, they also have chicken, steaks and other fish so your Jewish/Kosher relatives should still be happy.

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      There's Dancing Crab.


      I've never been, don't know if it's any good. I've only ate at a crab shack in Bethany Beach.

    2. How 'bout the Quarterdeck in Arlington, near Ft. Myers?

      1. Tim's Rivershore in Dumfries -- fits your "old fashioned crabhouse" and "on a body of water" (Potomac) criteria. Don't know if it has a party room, though...


        Tim's Rivershore Restaurant
        1510 Cherry Hill Rd, Dumfries, VA 22026

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          If you're going to drive to Dumfries from Silver Spring, why not drive to Annapolis? BTW, Crisfield entrees will be closer to $30 than $20. And they don't offer crabs in shell.

        2. we had our rehearsal dinner at Steamers Crab House in Bethesda for about 24 people - which inluded all you can eat crabs, fries, slaw chicken, corn and other food items and open bar (big drinkers) two and half years ago for about $1200. We had our own room and it was a blast! Our out of town people loved it. And even on a Friday night we had no trouble parking becuase there is a big garage nearby. T