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Jun 11, 2008 11:59 AM

Sunday Night Dinner with Outdoor Dining

I'm trying to find a great restaurant for a special occassion dinner on a Sunday night. Last two occassions we went to Marcel's and BDT, so were planning on trying Citronelle this time, but it happens to be closed the Sunday we need the reservation for. With those places out, and Eve, Komi, Palena, Obelisk, and CityZen closed on Sundays I feel that the options for the "best" dining is limited. That being said, we've decided to find a nice restaurant with an outdoor area instead. It would also be preferred that the outdoor area was not say, out front on a main road. We're considering Proof - do they have outdoor seating? I've also seen mention that Cashion's Eat Place has outdoor sitting - would anyone recommend it? Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Does the source have outdoor space at all? It might be a high end place worth considering. I thought they had a deck on the newseum, but haven't been to the restaurant, so I don't know if they use it.

    You might also consider 2941 while it doesn't have outdoor space it has lovely views over the gardens and water features and other things that make the dining experience nice. And their wine selection is really nice. I am drawing a blank at nicer restaurants with more than 1 table or 2 outside.

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      The Source does have a small terrace on the second floor, but is closed on Sundays

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        Man, there just aren't many high end options on Sunday are there?

    2. I just remembered Zaytinya actually has really great outdoor seating because it is nice and quiet out there. They won't take reservations for outside, but if you do a late dinner it is really nice to sit out there when it is cooler and just relax. I think we have gone a couple times at like 8 -8:15 and gotten outdoor tables.

      1. I like Cashion's but I haven't been there in over a year and I know they have had some changes in the kitchen but I still hear good things.

        Another place to consider is Tabard Inn. They have a beautiful outdoor courtyard of my favorite spots in the city. I would certainly recommend making a reservation since its quite popular in the summer.

        PS7 has a great patio that is at the side of the building, rather then the front so it's away from the street and too much foot traffic. It's also covered so you don't have to deal with direct heat from the sun.Double check that they are open on Sundays.

        I thought I read that Proof now has outdoor seating, but I'm not positive where it is. I imagine it would be in front of the main roads though, since that is the only place they could really fit it.

        Another place to consider is Montmartre in Eastern Market.

        1. It's on Conn. Ave but what about Palena? Also Brasserie Beck just opened up an outdoor area, but I haven't seen it yet.

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            The problem with Palena is there are what 2 outdoor tables which have the view of Connecticut Ave and the next door gas station and are closed Sundays as noted. As much as I love Palena and I do love it, I don't think I would ever want to eat outside there.

          2. More nice places with outdoor seating: Penn Quarter: Acadiana. Eastern Market: Monmarte, Belga Sonoma (a few tables); Cleveland Park: Indique (a few seats on the second level - quite romantic!), Dino and Ardeo just sent out an e-mail saying they added a rooftop deck. Tabard is my favorite when the patio is open.