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Jun 11, 2008 11:55 AM

MSP - Create Dining Studio Info Request

Hello everyone,

I've seen some posts recomminding Create Dining Studio catering and was wondering if people could share their experience with them in a little bit more detail (like what kind of menu you had, how it was dealing with them, price point, etc).

I would like to have my birthday party their, but I am not sure what to expect.


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  1. Bumping this post, anyone have an experience here you can comment on? We're thinking about it for a reception space. Actually meeting with them today to talk, but would love to have some info from fellow 'hounds.

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    1. re: debbie421

      I guess I'll reply to myself! We just met with Nicky and we LOVED the space. Looks like we'll be having our reception there so I might be the one giving details and an experience summary!

      1. re: debbie421

        Good for you-- you'll LOVE the experience. I had them cater an open house the night before our wedding back in 2006, and it was phenomenal. I also had my birthday party there last year... people are still talking about it. Definitely try to work in the oxtail sliders if you can- they were a hit. They're easy to work with, flexible in menu planning (if you have any interest at all in food, you can make suggestions and they will love to work with you), and the food is over the top.