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Jun 11, 2008 11:23 AM

Preparing Pea Tendrils

I just got a large bunch of pea tendrils from my CSA. I've never eaten or cooked these. I do see that they can be stirfried (with oil and garlic, someone else suggested shallots) or eaten raw in salad. Are there other interesting (and vegetarian) uses for them? Also, can I eat the whole thing, or am I supposed to trim part off? Thanks for your help with my interesting new veggie!

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  1. The restaurant I used to work in served pea shoots sauteed in butter with I believe some garlic and shallots. In terms of prep, we trimmed off the bottom, thicker stalk part and left the upper portion intact. However, that kitchen trimmed the heck out of every vegetable and I suspect pea shoots are rather like trimming spinach: you could leave the thicker stalk in and chew a little longer.

    If you run into any flowers, you could save those for garnish.

    Good luck!

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      We grow these in our front yard and eat them raw. They are so good that they've never made it into a hot pan. I use them as a lettuce/sprout alternative in sandwiches (they're so pretty creeping out the sides), pasta salad, any kind of salad, really. They'd be fun on top of some bruschetta. We don't trim ours b/c we tend to cut them as soon as they are able to be cut. Enjoy.