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Jun 11, 2008 11:10 AM

What to order at The Little Owl?

Heading to the Little Owl this Friday night with my husband and another couple. What are some of your appetizer, entree and dessert recommendations? Thanks!!

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    1. re: kathryn

      the sliders are good as an appetizer and we usually split the pork chop, which is big and delicious.

      1. not a lot of choices on the menu. i cant find a good appetizer there. i usually get the pork chop or the colorado lamb chops...and the nutella filled doughnuts for dessert.

        1. Was there several weeks ago and had the soft shell crab as an appetizer. It was great and very large.
          We love this place!

          1. I love the Little Owl - but I have to say the only thing that I've eaten there that wasn't good was the pork chop. Mine was completely overcooked, tiny portion - inedible. The restaurant handled it well - took it off the bill and was great about it -- but thats the one dish I would not recommend.

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            1. re: catherinejones

              Catherine, just a question. What did you exactly say to them about the pork chop?
              Did you reply when the server asked the, How is everything?, or did you bring it up yourself?
              Also, did you say it was inedible(terrible, awful, whatever) or did you say overcooked, not very good, etc.