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After a long time away we are returning to Austin for a few days next week. I have read gret things about Uchi and booked us a table.

Can I get some opinions about what we shouldn't miss? We are both adventurous but our Japanese food experience to date has been restricted to fairly pedestrian sushi, especially now we are back in the UK. So, what should we try? I'd be grateful for any ideas. The menu sounds so great and I don't want to miss out on any gems.

Also, has anyone had the omakase and what is likely to be the price tag? Says 'market price' which is meaningless to me but suggests expensive ...

Thanks in advance ... I can't wait to go!

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  1. I am really fond of their Maguro sashimi appetizer with apples, goat cheese and pumpkin seed oil. I also like their tako pops, but you might get more bang for your buck with something else. The bacon steakie is yummy.

    1. The omakase has been $200-$220 for two people the times I've had it. It's well worth it, in my opinion. You can tell the server what you like and don't like and they'll tailor it to your tastes.

      I don't have any don't miss suggestions - my favorite dish there has been there black cod but I don't think it's on the menu at the moment. I'd avoid the uchi shot - I tried it because it sounded cool (quail egg and sea urchin with wine) but it seemed pointless. I also wasn't a fan of the hot rock dishes, I had a problem with the food sticking to the rock, but that might just be me.

      I'd suggest you ask your server to recommend something if you don't want to go for the omakase, they all seem pretty familiar with the food.

      1. I have no feedback about Uchi but can relate about UK's Japanese cuisine cuz I lived there a couple years ago. Ugh. If you get to A'dam on occasion you might check out the restaurant at Hotel Okura (Yamazato), which is top notch.

        1. The Hamachi cure is a staple and always good. And the *relatively* new foie gras and bone marrow additions seem to be the local trend and are also good.

          1. My wife loves the fried Brie (maybe Brie tempura?).

            1. You can't miss the spicy scallop nigiri. Perfect.

              1. We were at Uchi last night and finally decided to bite the bullet and order the omakase. In short: Definitely worth it! You can choose to order with or without pairings; we ordered with. The food was amazing, as always, and, for the most part, I was happy with the drink selections (particularly the sake that came out with the 4th course and the muscat that accompanied the final course). I agree with Homero that the maguro sashimi appetizer is always delicious; we were pleasantly surprised when it came as one of our omakase courses. The amuse bouche left something to be desired (garlic beets?) and the first wine selection (a plum wine, I believe) didnt add much to the experience of the food, in my opinion, but other than that, it was a meal to remember. Among other things, we were served an amazing flounder/daikon/spanish oil dish, the orange oil/chili scallops, lobster in "gazpacho sauce" and alaskan tuna steak, with several freebies thrown in. The dessert was a hazelnut cracker/valrhona ice cream/ concoction, which I wish I could describe in better detail, but, alas, I was pretty tipsy by the time dessert rolled around. I also ordered some tempura pumpkin on the side; if you opt against omakase, be sure to try it along with the maguro and bacon steakie.