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Jun 11, 2008 10:45 AM

Perry Street good for birthday dinner?

I want to have a romantic birthday dinner with my husband and am wondering if Perry Street would be a good choice. I am looking for a beautiful, not-too-formal environment where we can try interesting dishes with good flavors and reasonable portions (we don't want ginormous TGI Friday's plates, but no elf-food ala Degustation, either). Similar places that come to mind are Gotham Bar & Grill and Perilla, which we've both enjoyed. We went to Jean-Georges' JoJo for our anniversary and really liked the food, although the room was a little too old-fashioned and stuffy for us (we're in our mid-20s, by the way). Would you recommend Perry Street? And if so, what's good to order there?

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  1. I was there recently for a birthday dinner as well, and highly recommend it.

    The room is thoroughly modern, which should appeal to your sensibilities. Portions sound just about what you're looking for as well.

    The crab salad appetizer is fantastic, and the snapper with potato butter was also great.

    1. Yes--Perry St. sounds like a perfect fit. I haven't been in a while, so I'm not familiar w/the current menu.

      1. Though some will say it is not "romantic" in the traditional sense, I think it is very serene in a contemporary European way. The food is great and I think it will fit your requirements very well.

        1. I also think it fits the bill. A walk on the river in the park across the street at sunset will make it romantic! If you like sashimi, get the arctic char sashimi if on the menu. The red snapper was good when i last had it. I went with a group and people really just liked everything! I've been happy the 6-7 times I've been.